Apple Stock News: Import to India, Sports in Apple News App, iMac Pro Launch

Apple Stock News: Expected Spring Launches


Apple Stock News: After Apple has filed several new products in Eurasian Economic Commission, the public has set an eye on them. Those products have been delivered to India recently. It is believed that recorded products include new models of iPhone SE, entry-level iPad, and iPad Air, which are expected to be released this spring. Among the most anticipated updates in models are 5G support and the A15 Bionic.

Sports Content Advancement in Apple News App

Apple Stock News: Sport Content in Apple News App

According to MacRumors, the Apple News app will be extended by additional sports content with scores, main highlights, and the ability to choose favorite teams and leagues to receive only relevant news. We can see that Apple recently has begun to show interest in capturing the market of sports content. Firstly, there was news about negotiations with major sports leagues for the broadcast of some games. Now MacRumors outlines the preparation of the whole “Sportskit” – a framework that will be supported on all Apple platforms.

Shifts in iMac Pro Launch

Apple Stock News: iMac Pro Launch

Ross Young, a display analyst, acknowledged that iMac Pro might be launched not earlier than in summer, most likely in August or September. It is expected that iMac will be 27-inch, include the same M1 Pro and M1 Max chips that are in the MacBook Pro models, and feature a mini-LED display, as one in the MacBook Pro series but with fewer zones. The last Mark Gurman’s, Bloomberg’s reporter, prediction for spring launch suggested that there is going to be launched one new Mac, and after convincing statements of Young, we can conclude that apparently, it is going to be new Mac mini and not iMac Pro.

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