Apple Stock News: Vision Pro Shipments, Advanced Process for Chips, Open Source AI Models

Apple Stock News: Cuts Vision Pro Shipments


Apple stock News: Apple anticipates a drop in Vision Pro shipments in 2025 compared to 2024. They’re reevaluating their headset roadmap. There likely won’t be a new Vision Pro model in 2025, contrary to earlier predictions. Kuo suggests we won’t see significant Vision Pro updates until 2027. Apple needs to tackle issues like app availability, pricing, and comfort while maintaining user experience. Weak Vision Pro sales could hinder pancake lens growth and microOLED adoption in small electronics.

 Advanced 1.6nm Process for 2026 Chips


TSMC’s upcoming A16 technology, set for production in 2026, introduces nanosheet transistors and a new backside power rail solution. It promises an 8-10% speed boost, 15-20% less power consumption, and up to 1.10x chip density improvement compared to the N2P process. Their System-on-Wafer (SoW) technology, starting with InFO, aims to consolidate dies for enhanced computing power in a smaller space, potentially revolutionizing Apple’s data centers. Future plans include advancing to CoWoS-based SoW by 2027.

TSMC is progressing toward manufacturing 2nm and 1.4nm chips, likely for Apple’s future silicon. Trial production of the 2nm node begins in late 2024, with mass production in late 2025, followed by an enhanced N2P process. The shift to 1.4nm “A14” chips is expected by 2027. Apple’s A18 chips for the iPhone 16 series will use N3E, while the A19 for 2025 iPhones will be the first 2nm chip. Following years will see enhancements to this node and the introduction of the 1.6nm process. TSMC continues to push boundaries with each new node, delivering higher transistor density, performance, and efficiency. They’ve already showcased prototype 2nm chips to Apple, anticipated to debut in 2025.

Open Source AI Models


Apple announces the release of OpenELM models to empower the research community with cutting-edge language models. This open-source initiative allows investigation into model biases and data risks, enabling developers and companies to use or customize the models. Open sharing of information helps Apple attract top talent, providing opportunities for research papers that align with their secretive policies. While Apple hasn’t integrated these AI capabilities into its devices, iOS 18 is anticipated to introduce new AI features, possibly running large language models on-device for privacy.

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