Apple Stock News: Apple Releases Updates Against Microchip Security Flaw Spectre

Apple Stock News

Apple releases security updates for iOS, MacOS, and Safari to protect users from a computer chip vulnerability. Called Spectre, the microchip security flaw, which left computing devices vulnerable to hackers, affected chips from Intel, AMD and Arm. Spectre affected nearly all computer chips made in the last decade.

Less than a week after news stated that Intel, Arm and AMD chips contained the flaw, Apple released the update. The hacking attack could reveal secret information on these devices. For the attack to work, hackers need to install malicious software onto the device in order to make sensitive information, such as passwords and encryption keys, easier to steal.

According to Apple, almost all of its devices are affected by this flaw. Despite the risk that it could expose billions of people’s personal data to cyber criminals, the tech giant affirmed that there were no known instances of hackers taking advantage of the flaw.

The operating system software update is available for Macs, iPhones, iPads and Apple TV. Spectre did not affect Apple Watch.

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $174.35 per share on January 8th, 2018. It generated losses of 0.37% from its previous close on January 5th, 2018, when it closed at $175 per share.

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Apple Stock News: New iPnone 8, TV and Watch arrival on 09/12/2017

Apple Stock News: New iPnone 8, TV and Watch arrival on 09/12/2017

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $163.35 per share on August 30th, 2017. It generated a return of 0.44% from its previous close on August 29th, 2017, when it closed at $162.91 per share.

Apple event

Source: photo by Stephen Lam, Getty-Images

Apple has scheduled its event on September 12. On that date, as expected Apple is going to introduce the new iPhone models, Apple Watch with cellular mode and 4K Apple TV box.

And Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park will host an event for the first time this year. Seems the company finished all construction works in this part of the campus. And carriers are preparing marketing materials now as they were informed about of the September 12th date last week.

Despite the variety of new devices, all eyes will be on iPhone 8, as it represents the first significant design improvements to the phone in three years.

Apple Inc. plans to deliver new way people use future generations of their devices and iPhone in particular, by transforming the concept of a home button and making other changes to a flagship device. It is going to be almost all screen, as at images of the new device viewed by Bloomberg News.

iPhone 8

Source: Bloomberg

The key to the iPhone is its home button, and this concept hadn’t changed much since 2007. This year Apple is ready to launch new iPhones. And the flagship one is going to blow the roof of common tech standards in the smartphone industry. It will be one of the greatest updates in the product’s decade-long history.

With a new screen that takes almost the entire front, Apple will test the complete removal of the home button. In favour of new gesture controls, according to the people and the images. iPhone will carry a 5.8-inch OLED display for the first time, what is larger than the current 4.7-inch iPhone 7. New stainless steel and glass design, wireless charging and a possible 3D front sensor to recognise the owner and unlock the gadget just looking at it.

The company will also introduce updates of iPhone 7 devices. The external design of these phones will follow current models with possible slight changes. OLED iPhone is expected to get the $900-$1000 level; the 7s phones will likely be sold at the usual $649 starting price.Apple event 2017

In addition to the new iPhones, the company will announce new Apple Watch hardware which can include LTE cellular models. There should also be an update to the Apple TV, adding 4K HDR.

Apple Stock News: Apple and Amazon Bury the Hatchet

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $156.10 on Wednesday, May 12th, 2017. It had a gain of 1.40% from its previous close of $153.95 per share.


Before Tim Cook became Chief Executive Officer at Apple, the company’s website offered 14 products. Fast forward seven years, the product offerings have blossomed to 27, available in over 200 different versions. Post Jobs’ era, this strategy has helped Apple maintain growth, despite stagnation in its most important market, smartphones.

In 2010, iPhone sales made up 39% of revenue with that figure growing to almost two-thirds of total revenue in 2017. Due to the nature of the industry, most consumers are already using smartphones. In order to counter this dilemma, Apple’s other products and services have had to pick up the slack. With the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone fast approaching, there’s much hype about the iPhone 8. With new technologies expected, such as an OLED screen and the removal of the home button, a hefty price tag is expected to land on the iPhone 8.

There’s good news for consumers, with Apple (AAPL) set to re-introduce Amazon Prime Video (AMZN) to Apple TV. Buzzfeed reports that the two tech-giants have settled their differences. In the near future, the Prime Video app will be available on Apple TV.

Furthermore, it is expected Amazon will again start to sell Apple TV devices. Amazon banned third-party sellers from selling Apple TVs and Google Chromecasts (GOOGL) through their platform. At the time, it was argued the devices inspired “customer confusion.”


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Apple Stock News: Fourth-Generation Apple TV

Apple Stock News

Earlier this week Apple launched an advert which showed the fourth-generation Apple TV. The Apple advert focuses on the new Apple TV and shows the brilliant use of its Siri Remote that comes with the set-top box.

The 60-second advert, entitled “The Kiss’, features stars Alison Brie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.  The two actors are attempting to replicate an on-screen kiss, using Siri to rewind a specific movie scene. On the fourth-generation Apple TV, asking Siri questions like “What did she say?” or “Rewind 10 seconds” will automatically replay a scene from the television show or movie.

Apple Stock News

The Ad highlights Apple’s trend of portraying Apple TV as “The Future of Television”, since the launch of the device in October of 2015.  Apple has been heavily promoting its produce through a range of different adverts and billboard. The ad following Apple announcing its first original TV series.

The advert highlights the ability of Siri to synchronize with Apple TV thus giving it the ability for voice control orders. As the adverts demonstrate to fast forward, change camera angles and switch to Apple music.


Apple Stock News: Reviews For The New Apple TV Are In

Apple Stock News

With the latest edition of Apple TV, which will be sold in stores this Friday, Apple promises to deliver the future of television through apps. With a new operating system, an updated touch remote that includes Siri control and the addition of games, the new Apple TV looks to transform the living room into a highly personalized and interactive environment. Multiple news outlets have published their reviews of the new Apple TV, which has been received positively.

The Verge gave the new Apple TV a 9 out of 10, claiming that it is really fast, Siri works well and that the games are a fun addition. Nilay Patel explains that it is just as good, if not better than any other stream-top box currently on the Market. Walt Mossberg explains that he was impressed with Siri.

David Pogue of Yahoo, although disappointed that the new Apple TV does not stream in 4K like some of its competitors, explained that “It’s clear that Apple worked its fingers to the bone on this; it works unbelievably well. You have to give a lot of commands before you find a failure.”

John Paczkowski of Buzzfeed said that “The new Apple TV isn’t just an upgraded set-top box; it’s the first “true” Apple TV, one that articulates Apple’s vision of what the TV viewing experience should be. It’s an appealing vision.”

According to Brian X. Chen of The New York Times the “plethora of innovations and apps that leads me to conclude that the upgraded $149 box is now the best TV streaming device you can get for your money.”

Finally, Geoffrey Fowler of The Wall Street Journal described the updated app store by saying “the new $150 Apple TV streaming box opens the largest screen in your house to an app store with the best that movie makers, game developers, retailers and even personal trainers can dream up.”

With the generally positive reviews, it will be interesting to see how well the new Apple TV will sell, especially considering the multiple competing set-top boxes that are available at lower prices.

Artificial Intelligence: Where Apple Fits Into The AI Market

Artificial Intelligence

In 2011 when IBM’s super-computer Watson won on Jeopardy, people got a glimpse of what the future will be like. It will be a world where machines and humans can have a real conversation, and robots will be cooking and serving food. Speech recognition machines like IBM’s Watson, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Now are all trying to create this world.

Artificial Intelligence

The technology industry’s biggest companies including Google, Microsoft, and Apple are all trying to one up each other by developing the best artificial intelligence. They all want their devices to be able to do anything, just by listening to your voice.

With the AI race speeding up many scientists and economists have concerns about what the stock market will be like.



With all the advancements in technology, the way humans have bought and sold stocks has already dramatically changed. In the 1960s the average share of a stock was held for 4 years.

Today the average share of a stock is held for 10 seconds. This rapid pace of trading was what caused the Flash Crash of 2010, where the Dow Jones lost 600 points, only to recover all in the span of 30 minutes. With more algorithms and AI being used, many scientists believe that the next Great Depression will only last a second.

This shows that the future of stock trading will rely on companies like I Know First. The algorithm designed by I Know First has already proven to be far better at predicting stocks than what a human any mind can do. This is especially true given that the stock market will become more erratic.

Apple is currently lagging behind its competitors when it comes to artificial intelligence innovation. However, they are doing more now than ever before to improve their research. They recently just hired 86 experts specifically for their AI branch. Apple’s latest update, the IOS9 has a smarter Siri.

 Some of the people that have been recently hired come from the startup company that they just acquired, called Perceptio. Perceptio was developing technology that would help smartphone companies improve their artificial intelligence. According to Bloomberg, founders Nicholas Pinto and Zak Stone are established artificial intelligence researchers who specialize in creating image-recognition systems, without having to use large repositories of data. That fits with Apple strategy of trying to minimize the customer’s data. In the month of October alone Apple has bought out 4 other artificial start-ups.

One example of how Apple is trying to be more innovative with their use of artificial intelligence is through the Apple TV. The new and revamped Apple TV involves Siri as a remote control. With the latest upgrade on the Apple TV, you will no longer have to press buttons to search for shows, change the channel or even rewind or fast-forward to a specific area. You’ll just need to say “Watch ‘Modern Family’” or “Fast-forward 5 minutes”.

It’s a well known fact that Google, Uber and plenty of motor companies is well on its way to developing self-driving cars, however many do not know that Apple is developing them as well. The codename for the self-driving electric cars that Apple is developing is called Project Titan. Details of the project are still unknown, but it seems that Apple has a self-driving car almost ready for the road. Apple has chosen to be tight-lipped on the project, and it wasn’t proven that they were working on cars until last August.

Despite the fact that Apple is currently behind in the AI race, our forecasts predict that company will do just fine for at least the next year and that the stock will continue to go up. Between the iPhone 6s having record-breaking sales and the Apple Watch receiving a lot of hype, it’s clear that Apple will still be a juggernaut in the tech industry for years to come. Whether or not it will survive the AI race remains a mystery.

Artificial Intelligence

While all the advancements in artificial intelligence is nothing short of amazing, we still have a long way to go before the machines can capture the complexity of the human mind. The machines still can’t write music or paint a picture like a human can. However, with the way the AI market is growing it’s becoming clearer that the machines will catch up to us. We just don’t know what logo will the machines will have.

Apple Stock News: Apple TV to be released in November

Apple Stock News

After the much anticipated iPhone 6s was released month, fans of the Silicon Valley Tech company now eagerly await for the even more anticipated Apple TV to be released. Unfortunately, the release of the Fourth Gen TV is being pushed an extra month to November.

The latest Apple TV was revealed during a special media event last month. After the event it appears the that the TV will offer plenty of new features that will make it a game changer. The updated device features better hardware, a new and improved Os, dubbed “tvOS”  and most notably a remote that includes a motion sensor and a built-in Siri.

Apple hopes that the remote control will revolutionize the way television will be watched. A touchpad will make it easier for people swipe through channels and fast-forward. Even more impressive is that  Siri  will be able to search for your favorite TV shows and movies, organize your apps, and answer questions like any other digital assistant can do.

With the  app store now being connected to the TV people will be able to play their favorite mobile games on the TV. This move was made to attract gamers, which will make Apple a competitor with other major gaming companies  such as Xbox and Play Station.


Apple Stock Price Predictions: Apple Is A Safe, Valuable Long-Term Investment

Apple Stock Price Predictions

The new iPhone was announced during Apple’s September event last week, offering few advantages over the previous model. While the camera has been improved and a new operating system is included, the upgrade pales in comparison to the one announced last year, when the larger screened phones were unveiled for the first time. The company is relying on loyal Apple customers that have not upgraded their older iPhones to keep sales numbers growing, as CEO Tim Cook has claimed multiple times that a large percentage of the original sales last year were from customers switching over from other companies in response to the larger screen.

If this proves to be the case or not will have a huge impact on Apple’s performance next year, as investors will look for continued strong sales of the company’s flagship product. Apple has set extremely high standards to meet moving forward, and the current economic climate in China could cause the stock price to suffer moving forward. However, other projects that Apple is currently working on make it worthwhile to continue buying Apple stock, especially during any further dips in the stock price. The entrance into new markets, as well as the emphasis being placed on markets it will look to capitalize on further, will lead to future growth, while the company’s large cash holdings make Apple a rather safe investment.


Apple TV

For years, the Apple TV has just been a hobby for the world’s largest company, but Apple is now ready to play a major role in the future of the television market. Rumors for most of the year have been that the company would offer a live-streaming service of a slimmed down package of channels for a substantially cheaper price than traditional cable packages. However, this is not the product that Apple unveiled at its September event.

Instead, Tim Cook said the company believes that apps will be the future of television. While other companies have attempted to integrate this type of technology before into customers’ viewing experience, it has not been able to catch on. However, Apple has a penchant for correctly timing when to jump into markets and popularize them with larger markets. In order to do so with the Apple TV, the company is counting on a few things to take place, which should be watched closely moving forward.

One key will be getting old users of the Apple TV to buy the newer version. The first version of the device was released in 2007, but sales were slow until more recently when the streaming trend started to become more prominent. This could prove to be difficult, as the new device will still have the same content as older versions, as it only makes it simpler to do so. In addition, a number of users have other devices for streaming already. In order to get users to upgrade, Apple is hoping that the new apps convince users they need the new device.

Apple TV

Much of the presentation for the Apple TV was focused on gaming capabilities, with a new Wii-like remote making the device extremely interesting for casual gamers. Apple announced that certain video game favorites among casual gamers like Disney Infinity and Guitar Hero would be released on the App Store, making it extremely easy for users to buy the games and play. Beyond this, it’s not yet clear how app developers will take advantage of the new App Store for the Apple TV. Apple is hoping that they will be able to do so, as the success of the new device is dependent upon it.

Moving forward, the ability to add a streaming-cable package could be made easier if the Apple TV proves to be popular, as it will give Apple more negotiating power moving forward. Currently, CBS is planning to bring an all-access app to Apple TV that will allow users to watch all of its programming for a small, flat monthly fee. This would still require a cable subscription, but is still a step in the right direction. If this hobby of Apple’s can become a strong generator of revenue moving forward, the company’s stock price could skyrocket.

Apple Cash

Due to the incredibly strong sales of the iPhone, which Apple is able to sell at a premium price, the company has a rather large cash position. Its cash pile actually increased to over $200 billion. This makes the company an extremely safe investment, as the company has quite a cushion to withstand any issues the company might face, such as the recent news that the company’s apps in China were hacked with malicious software.

Further, this position could allow the company to enter into completely new markets, such as the rumored Apple car. The company is rumored to be working on its own electric car, with the project being codenamed Titan. While this project is in the very early stages and will not be ready for at least a few years, it still shows the power of the large corporation, as Tesla has recently been worried about the impact Apple’s entry into the market could play on it.

This is prospective at this point, but the cash holdings could play a large role for young investors looking for a future source of income. While Apple is clearly looking for ways to invest its cash into new ventures such as the Apple car, Tim Cook has proven to be more willing to return value to shareholders than Steve Jobs was when he was CEO of the company. Apple currently has a dividend yield of just 2%, but this number could jump over the next decade.


Since the company reinstated its dividend in 2011, it has increased the dividend by an average of over 11% annually. Further, the company announced in 2014 that it planned to continue increasing its dividend annually moving forward. Based off of its track record with the dividend, it would make sense that the dividend could more than double moving forward, perhaps within the next six years. With an extremely reasonable P/E ratio of roughly just 13.2, Apple is a safe investment for young investors, especially during the current dip in the stock price.

Algorithmic Analysis

I Know First supplies financial services, mainly through stock forecasts via their predictive algorithm. The algorithm incorporates a 15-year database, and utilizes it to predict the flow of money across 2000 markets. The self-learning algorithm uses artificial intelligence, predictive models based on artificial neural networks, and genetic algorithms to predict money movements within various markets.

The algorithm produces a forecast with a signal and a predictability indicator. The signal is the number in the middle of the box. The predictability is the number at the bottom of the box. At the top, a specific asset is identified. This format is consistent across all predictions. The middle number is indicative of strength and direction, not a price target. The bottom number, the predictability, signifies a confidence level.

I Know First has had success predicting the movement of Apple’ stock price in the past. In this one-year forecast from September 19th, 2014, Apple had a bullish signal strength of 28.67. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, the stock price increased 13.36% during that time.


Having explained how I Know First’s algorithm works, it is worthwhile to see if the algorithm agrees with the bullish fundamental analysis of the company. The three-month and one-year forecasts for Apple are included.


A positive signal strength does not mean investors should automatically buy the stock. Dr. Roitman, who created the algorithm, created rules for entry for a stock such as Apple. Using this trading strategy, an investor should buy a stock if the last 5 signal strength’s average is positive and if the last closing price is above the 5-day moving average price. When both of these conditions are met, it is a good time to initiate a position in the stock.


Apple has a bearish signal strength over the near-term, which makes sense considering some of the company’s struggles in China. However, the company should rebound and start increasing over the long-term as the struggles in China are addressed, and the company’s safe position leads to thriving earnings reports moving forward. Continue buying this stock before earnings reports, as Apple remains a great investment choice, even for future income investors.

Apple Stock News: Rumored Features For Newest Apple TV

Apple Stock News

It has long been believed that Apple would be releasing its new Apple TV during the company’s fall event, now confirmed to be on September 9th. This update was expected to include a cable streaming package that could change the way people watch television. This service is not expected to be ready, as Apple is still negotiating with cable providers about prices. That led many to wonder what would be included in the new Apple TV, and a report from Tech Crunch might reveal what to expect.

apple stock news

Matthew Panzarino published an update on Tech Crunch about what the newest Apple TV features, including a heavily refined interface that will put all other smart televisions to shame. Apple management has called the Apple TV a hobby for years since it was introduced in 2007, but that should change with this version of the device. It will also include an App Store, a new remote that will rival a Wii remote, and an A8 VR Graphics chip that will make the device’s capabilities similar to that of the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.

With all of these compelling parts, including a voice-controlled Siri used through the remote, the Apple TV will dominate content in the living room. This will increase the company’s negotiating position with the content providers for the slimmed down cable package that the device will eventually support. With a smart tv that can play a part in gaming, control the living room, and provide cable, Apple has played its cards on its attempt to revolutionize the television viewing experience.

Apple Stock News: Live TV Streaming Service Delayed

Apple Stock News

The newest service that Apple is working to introduce, a live television streaming service for cord-cutters, is now likely to be delayed until 2016 due to slow negotiations with cable companies. This is according to Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources that are familiar with Apple’s plans. The company had been hoping to introduce the new television service that would be delivered over the Internet during the September event for the new iPhone.

apple stock news

A more powerful Apple TV will still likely be introduced during the event with the streaming service absent. Apple had been aiming to release the service then because it would have coincided with the beginning of the new television season. Negotiations with networks such as CBS and Fox have progressed slowly, as Apple is working to find a way to offer a streaming service for around $40 a month. This is roughly half of traditional cable packages price, and Apple is used to higher margins than the traditional cable industry as well.

Apple has been working to redefine the television industry for more than a decade, as it was rumored to be the last project undertaken by Steve Jobs. Introducing such a package has proven difficult, as negotiations have been slow and the company doesn’t have the network capacity to ensure a good viewing experience at this time. The new service could provide a new revenue stream at a key time when sales growth of the company’s flagship product, the iPhone, appears to be slowing.