Apple Stock News: The 1 Formula for Success, Pokemon Go, watchOS 3 and More

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $96.87 on Wednesday, July 13th, a decrease of .56% from Apple’s previous closing. Apple’s stock price has been steadily recovering since the announcement of Brexit on June 24th.


Apple Stock News

The latest feature on the Apple Watch will be of great assistance in emergency situations. When you press the side button on the Apple Watch, it powers down the watch. In watchOS 3, you will have 2 additional options. The first is “Medical ID,” which will store crucial information such as name, weight, height, blood type, etc. which can be accessed by medical personnel in a time of need. The second option is “Emergency SOS,” which allows wearers to call emergency services via cellular or wifi. Additionally, “Emergency SOS” allows users to have preset emergency contacts that  get alerts with the wearer’s location and periodic updates in case of emergency.

On July 6, Pokemon Go, an app developed by Nintendo, was released and took the world by storm. Since then, Nintendo’s stock has soared. However, Nintendo isn’t the only one benefitting from the app’s wild success. Apple is reaping profits from the app, garnering 30% of the proceeds from in-app purchases. Pokemon Go is only available for download in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Despite this, iPhone users worldwide have been using a hack to download the app internationally. The problem with this hack is that it is causing users’ Apple Music data to completely vanish.

Apple Stock NewsApple is thought to be placing a bid on renowned racing-company, Formula 1. Apple is also rumored to be developing an Apple Car dubbed Project Titan. Acquiring F1 would be a great opportunity for Apple to learn more about car development to bring us their car in the near future.

Calling all actors…wait, developers? Apple is currently casting for its reality show Planet of the Apps. The show will follow app developers as they try to raise funds from Venture Capitalists, further develop and market their apps, and work to enhance their app. Apple is accepting applications until the end of August and will begin to film the show later this year.

The latest iPhone 7 rumor has it that the battery will be 14% larger than the iPhone 6S.  The iPhone 7, expected to come out in September, is also rumored to be the thinnest iPhone to date so if the battery is larger, other tech specs on the inside of the phone will have to be shrunken down to fit the larger battery.

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