Apple Stock News: Apple TV to be released in November

Apple Stock News

After the much anticipated iPhone 6s was released month, fans of the Silicon Valley Tech company now eagerly await for the even more anticipated Apple TV to be released. Unfortunately, the release of the Fourth Gen TV is being pushed an extra month to November.

The latest Apple TV was revealed during a special media event last month. After the event it appears the that the TV will offer plenty of new features that will make it a game changer. The updated device features better hardware, a new and improved Os, dubbed “tvOS”  and most notably a remote that includes a motion sensor and a built-in Siri.

Apple hopes that the remote control will revolutionize the way television will be watched. A touchpad will make it easier for people swipe through channels and fast-forward. Even more impressive is that  Siri  will be able to search for your favorite TV shows and movies, organize your apps, and answer questions like any other digital assistant can do.

With the  app store now being connected to the TV people will be able to play their favorite mobile games on the TV. This move was made to attract gamers, which will make Apple a competitor with other major gaming companies  such as Xbox and Play Station.


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