Apple Stock News: Apple’s Revenue Hits An All Time High


  • Apple’s Services Revenue Reaches New All-Time High of $11.5 Billion
  • The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that consumers can press ahead with a lawsuit that accuses Apple (AAPL) of using its market dominance to artificially inflate prices at its App Store.
  • Apple’s market share in the global smartphone market is shrinking.

Sticky Situation For Apple

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that consumers can press ahead with a lawsuit that accuses Apple (AAPL) of using its market dominance to artificially inflate prices at its App Store. The US Supreme Court voted 5-to-4 to allow an antitrust lawsuit against the tech giant to move forward. This decision piles on the pressure the company faces to cut the 30% commission it charges on app sales. Lawyers pressing the case plan to seek hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of overpaying consumers. Apple fell 5.8% to close at $185.72 on the stock market on that day.

[Yahoo finance]

When a user buys an app on Apple’s app store, Apple collects the money, keeps the 30% commission and gives the rest to the developer. Apple told the high court it passed $26.5 billion on to developers in 2017. The company is part of an app economy that will grow from $82 billion last year to $157 billion in 2022, according to App Annie projections.

In the Apple lawsuit, the company argued the case’s focus was the 30% commission. That’s something the company said is paid by the developers, not the app purchasers. The consumers said they pay for the commissions through higher app prices. But Apple contends those are the type of “pass-through” damages barred under the Supreme Court’s 1977 Illinois Brick v. Illinois ruling. The high court did not touch on the merits of the case, which contends the company has monopoly power over iPhone users because the only place they can buy those apps legally is run by the company.

Shrinking Problem

Apple’s market share in the global smartphone market is shrinking, and the company’s margins are being compressed due to declining iPhone sales and increased competition. This leads me to believe that Apple will likely have to lower iPhone prices to better compete with its cheaper competitors.

In addition, the recent earnings report was not great in my view, and the company may disappoint investors in future quarters. The technical image also looks weak, and we could see another 15-20% correction from here. Between Q4’18 and Q1’19, Samsung has taken a 5% leap in the smartphone market share, while Apple declined by 7%. Huawei has since overtaken Apple in second place.


Trade War

[Financial Times]

In the ongoing trade war between US and China, tariffs of 25% on $200 billion of chinese goods were made on the 13th May. The tariffs could add about $160 to the cost of a $999 Chinese-made iPhone XS. The increased cost of the american branded chinese made product could have detrimental effects on the sales of its products, with strong competition coming from Samsung and Huawei. However, one thing to note about the tariffs is, the cost of the tariffs to consumers. The new 25% tariff is levied on components, not the finished product. Apple’s AirPods and Apple Watches are spared additional tariffs. Any calculations made pertaining to the costs will not be straightforward.

Although Apple has a lot of American suppliers and spent $60 billion on American suppliers in 2018, it assembles its iPhones primarily in China. As a result, Apple uses a Chinese supply chain for all its products, from iPhones to iPads and Mac computers, hence being a primary victim of the trade war. It’s korean competitor, Samsung which has plants in Vietnam, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and Korea, is far more diversified in its supply chain. To address this issue, Apple has reportedly stepped up efforts to shift production from China.

Shipments of iPhones to North America, Apple’s largest market, fell 19% to 14.6 million units in the first three months of the year. Also, Tariffs could also affect iPhone sales in China, where On Monday, China announced plans to apply 25% duties on 2,493 US products, starting on 1 June. Apple reported $51 billion in revenue in 2018 from “Greater China,” which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan. That’s Apple’s third-biggest region, after the Americas and Europe. Apple’s total revenue for 2018 was $265.6 billion. This could mean a lower revenue in the future quarters.

Everything else is thriving


Even though Apple has faced legal troubles and the potential force of the trade war, investors should not worry. Apple is doing well in services, that its service revenue has increased to $11.5 billion in the Q2 2019 financial report. That can be attributed to paid subscriptions, which nearly topped 400 million for an increase of 30 million over last quarter. The company also posted quarterly revenue of $58 billion , which is a decline of 5 percent from the year-ago quarter, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $2.46, down 10 percent.

International sales accounted for 61 percent of the quarter’s revenue. iPad sales were also up, fueled by the release of the fifth-gen iPad mini and the new iPad Air. Apple also sold $5.1 billion worth of Apple Watches, AirPods, and other accessories in the Q2’19, a 30 percent increase over the year-ago quarter. We should also not forget that Apple announced that they will no longer reports iPhone, iPad, and Mac unit sales numbers.

Apple Stock Forecast: AAPL May Be Headed Towards Another Record Quarter

Apple Stock Forecast: High Demand For XS Max, XR On The Way

(By Rhaym tech Via Wikimedia Commons)

With the release of the new iPhone XS and the more popular XS Max, Apple may be on the verge of it’s highest grossing iPhone release yet. Not to mention being days away from the release of the highly anticipated, and more affordable iPhone XR. In a recent survey by Piper Jaffray, from 700 domestic Apple iPhone owners, 39% would upgrade to the iPhone XS or XS Max if they were to upgrade this year with just about a split between the two models. The remaining 61% would choose the upcoming iPhone XR or existing iPhone 7 or 8.

Given that “older” apple products seem to not really survive that long. Wether that is by Apple’s own controversial, yet somehow forgivable doing, or people’s desire to have the next best thing, people are buying the newest phones. The in-house built A12 Bionic chip powered phone will cost the customer upwards 1000$, not to mention the increased warranties. People are now willing to pay top dollar for something that is highly utilized on a daily basis, and the reflection of the premium quality cellular phones will be seen in their sales. I believe that Apple’s business strategies are far more complex and exceed that which meet’s the eye. The release of the iPhone XR, which is a more affordable alternative to the only slightly more premium model, at still a fairly large price point, will surely become the most popular among the larger scale of consumer.  This could very well be their most profitable model to date.

Don’t Just “Watch” This Stock

The Series 4 Apple Watch has been seeing success across the board as well. It has been receiving notable reviews by consumers. The new Apple Watch Nike+ devices is the next release in the Series 4 family. It includes a larger screen, thinner body, an ECG reader, fall detection, and more. It will also launch worldwide.

Most of the time Apple stock falls after earnings. A lot of people with inflated expectations decide to sell after earnings. Instead, Apple tends to rise during the long periods between earnings reports. In 8 out of the last 10 iPhone releases, AAPL slid immediately after the release and didn’t return to pre-release levels for about 60 days. Currently, they’re hitting all time highs two weeks after the release. Last earnings report, on 07/31/18, sent AAPL into an immediate uptick. The likes of 3% in a single day. Apple is set to release it’s Q4 earnings on November the 1st.

I Know First’s predictive algorithm remains bullish on AAPL stock in the long term.

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In a Rare Move, Apple Admits to Faulty MacBook Keyboard

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

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In 2015, Apple ditched their classic keyboard design for a new, sleeker keyboard with a “butterfly” mechanism for their MacBook and MacBook Pro line. Apple claimed this new keyboard was 40% thinner, making it much easier and fluid to type.

Consumers started reporting that the keyboard was faulty and that just a tiny bit of dust caused the keyboard to repeat letters or not respond properly. Being that these devices started at $1,299, users were mad that Apple was not making an effort to address such a fault. Three years and three lawsuits later, Apple has finally stated that they will fix the faulty butterfly keyboard, free of charge.

In other news, analyst Eric Ross of Cascend Securities stated that, iPhone’s supply chain was “healthy and growing again”. This may be due to the restocking of the iPhone X, which is selling better than expected, causing suppliers to revamp selected parts for the device. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty stated that the upcoming iPhone will be at cheaper cost as Apple looks to drop prices by 2%. So, this increase in supply may be for the new iPhone, releasing this September, which the company expects to sell greater quantities than last year.  

Apple’s stock was down .64% on Friday as an escalated fear of a trade war mounted a dip in the market.

(Source: Yahoo Finance)

Apple Stock News: A $1,000 iPhone X From Apple Will Find Many Eager Buyers

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $161.5 per share on September 11th, 2017. It generated a profit of 1.80% from its previous close on September 9th, 2017, when it closed at $158.63 per share.

On this Tuesday, September 12th, 2017, Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, launching its new version, in California.

Recently, a new leak revealed details about apple’s upcoming products. Therefore, according to it, the new iPhone will be called iPhone X. It might utilize “FACE ID” technology to unlock the phone, a display that covers the whole front, wireless charging, improved camera and no home button. With its price rumored to be around $1,000, the new iPhone version might be the most expensive yet sold.

The launching might also include additional products. The updated version of last year’s model:  iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, new Apple Watch, Apple TV with 4K, HomePod speakers and iOS 11 may be unveil on this Tuesday.

According to I Know First Senior Analyst Motek Moyen, in this article, investors should expect that the iPhone X will find tens of millions of buyers and that it will probably outsells the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Since higher prices raises the average selling prices of iPhone, Motek emphasizes that it can increase Apple’s operating margins.

Apple’s Special Event will take place at Steve Jobs Theater at 10 a.m. PDT. Hence, the market is looking forward to discovering the upcoming news from one of the world’s most valuable companies.

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Apple Stock News: New Investment in Beddit for Apple

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $152.54 on Friday, May 19th, 2017. It had a gain of 0.34 % from its previous close of $152.24 per share.

Apple Stock News

Beddit is a Finnish start-up that specializes in the analysis of sleep. They have developed a tool set to be placed on the mattress to analyse the quality of the sleep of its users. As the user sleeps, the tool collects data. So, why did Apple invest in such a product? Different hypothesis are circulating.

Firstly, Apple could be willing to develop its line of connected products related to health. But it could also be a way for the famous brand to integrate the technology of Beddit to its Apple iWatch. Competition on this market is tough. Among Apple’s opponents are Fitbit and Garmin.

The device created by Beddit is more advanced than any other sleep applications currently used by competitors of Apple. Thus, having the technology of this start-up could be beneficial in the long term for Apple. As we wrote in previous articles, Apple is a leader in the high-tech industry. Having the technology of Beddit could be a way for Apple to maintain its leadership.

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Apple Stock News: Apple, Inc. Concedes Defeat in World of Advertising

Apple Stock News

Executives at Apple, Inc. have decided to shut down the company’s fairly brief flirtation with the digital advertising space as of June 30th. For 6 years, Apple attempted to compete with Google’s and Facebook’s advertising platforms with their own platform, called iAd.

In 2010, then-CEO Steve Jobs asserted that Apple would excel in the field, reaching 50% of the mobile advertising market. Six years later, the program is being ended with the company controlling just around 5% of the mobile-display-advertising market.

apple stock news

The biggest contributing factor to the failure of this endeavor is likely the same reason that Apple has such great success on the product side of the company. Apple strictly controls their operating systems, apps and content to the point where the company is essentially isolating themselves from other tech platforms. By maintaining a high-level of control, the company blocks consumers from straying from Apple to other companies for apps and content purchases.

While this technique protects revenue for Apple in terms of products and content, it makes mobile-advertising a difficult endeavor. The isolation of what is called “Apple’s walled garden,” means that advertisers with iAd were able to reach only iOS users who make up just 13.9% of the smartphone market worldwide. In order for iAd to compete with companies like Google, it would have needed to integrate its system in order to be accessible by other ad networks. Apple’s unwillingness to make this change prevented it from getting the exposure that could have kept the program running.

Apple Stock News: Apple TV to be released in November

Apple Stock News

After the much anticipated iPhone 6s was released month, fans of the Silicon Valley Tech company now eagerly await for the even more anticipated Apple TV to be released. Unfortunately, the release of the Fourth Gen TV is being pushed an extra month to November.

The latest Apple TV was revealed during a special media event last month. After the event it appears the that the TV will offer plenty of new features that will make it a game changer. The updated device features better hardware, a new and improved Os, dubbed “tvOS”  and most notably a remote that includes a motion sensor and a built-in Siri.

Apple hopes that the remote control will revolutionize the way television will be watched. A touchpad will make it easier for people swipe through channels and fast-forward. Even more impressive is that  Siri  will be able to search for your favorite TV shows and movies, organize your apps, and answer questions like any other digital assistant can do.

With the  app store now being connected to the TV people will be able to play their favorite mobile games on the TV. This move was made to attract gamers, which will make Apple a competitor with other major gaming companies  such as Xbox and Play Station.


AAPL Stock News: Second Apple Watch Coming Next Year

AAPL Stock News

After releasing the first version of the Apple Watch in April, the company is apparently waiting until May or June of 2016, or possibly later, according to predictions from Cowen and Company. The company called for 18 million devices to be sold by the end of 2015, which offers an optimistic outlook for next year.

aapl stock news

A common complaint about the current Apple Watch is that the battery life is not long enough. Apple has been willing to sacrifice battery performance for a thinner design for its computers and iPhones, but it might not be willing to do so for the wearable device as a 24 hour battery is important for consumers. Very few details of the watch have emerged so far, but it is supposed to run native apps and have faster performance than the previous model.

The Cowen and Company forecast had called for at least 45 million devices to be sold by the end of 2015, but that number might be too pessimistic based on the strength of the data in 2015. With a follow up not expected until late 2016, this kind of performance would call for the new device having significant improvements and more vital apps for consumers.

AAPL Stock News: Apple Aims To Ship Electric Cars In 2019

AAPL Stock News

An Apple electric car has been rumored for about a year now, with the new project being named Project Titan. Now, this rumored project appears to be more concrete, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that the company is internally aiming to start shipping the electric vehicles by 2019.

aapl stock news

The company has spent more than a year investigating the feasibility of such a project, and Apple is now convinced that it can become a major player in the automotive market. Rumors have linked the company to investigating the potential of fully autonomous vehicles, with driverless cars being a pet project of multiple companies. This remains part of Apple’s long-term plans, but the first vehicle will not have this capability.

The 2019 target date is quite ambitious, as building a car is a rather complex model. It remains to be seen whether Apple will acquire an automotive partner to contract building the physical models, which has been the company’s business model for other products like the iPhone. Apple has made some high-profile hires in the automotive industry in the last year, including Fiat Chrysler’s Doug Betts, and it has now authorized the leaders of project Titan to triple its team of 600 employees to meet the new goals for the electric vehicle.

AAPL Stock News: Lower iPad Sales Shifts Focus To Workplace Technology

AAPL Stock News

Apple is currently working with over 40 companies to make the iPad a more appealing device for business. iPad sales have been lacking in recent quarters, with persistent declines in sales growth. Apple has traditionally been focused on the consumer market, revolutionizing the computer and smart phone markets for consumers. For the iPad, it is hoping that focusing on the workplace technology market will increase sales.

aapl stock news

Apple has never been a big player in the workplace technology market in the past, which receives $2 trillion in annual spending. It now hopes to become a bigger player in the market by changing the nature of work to include more mobile devices, an area that Apple has an advantage in, which will turn around the performance of the iPad. To enter into the workplace, Apple is working with a number of other companies, many of them rather small, to create apps for things like accounting and sales.

The initiative to get iPads into businesses is quite secretive, as all new programs for Apple are. Referred to as the mobility partner program, or MPP, the initiative is the latest step in increasing iPad sales in business, following the partnership with IBM to create custom iPad apps that could work across industries. All of the partners have not yet been revealed, but small business owners who have used Apple’s products and its partners’ apps have been impressed with the individual attention, showing the importance the future workplace technology market will play on tablets and mobile devices going forward.