Apple Stock News: VisionOS, New Mac Model, Magnetic Tips, Watch Ultra Upgrade

Apple Stock News: Refining VisionOS


Apple Stock News: Apple released the fourth beta of visionOS for the upcoming Vision Pro headset. The last update was over a month ago. Access to this beta is limited to developers, and its contents are unknown. Developers can test the headset at Apple labs worldwide. The Vision Pro headset is set for an early 2024 release, with an expected App Store update in an upcoming beta.

New Model to Launch


Apple may introduce a new Mac model this month, hinted at by changes in its trade-in program, similar to what happened before in June. There’s speculation about a potential M3 chip, which could be used in a 13-inch MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, or a refreshed 24-inch iMac. However, some sources suggest the new Macs with M3 chips may not launch until next year.

Pencil 3 for Different Drawing Styles


A rumor from Twitter user “Majin Bu” suggests that the third-generation Apple Pencil might include interchangeable tips for various drawing styles, like technical drawing and painting, which connect magnetically. No further details are available. There were earlier rumors in 2021 about a redesigned Apple Pencil, but nothing was confirmed until now. While Majin Bu often shares Apple-related information, their reliability is questionable. Apple continues to file patents for the accessory, so a new version is possible, but this rumor should be taken cautiously until verified.

MicroLED Display for Watch Ultra


The Apple Watch Ultra is expected to feature a custom microLED display, according to a reliable Weibo leaker called “Instant Digital.” This significant upgrade won’t be available next year. Reports from various sources, including display analyst Ross Young and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, suggest that Apple’s microLED displays will debut on the Apple Watch Ultra in either 2025 or 2026. These displays will be approximately 10% larger than the current model’s screen. Apple’s long-term goal is to implement microLED displays across its product lineup to reduce reliance on suppliers like Samsung. The company has been developing this technology for over six years, aiming to improve brightness, color reproduction, and viewing angles.

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