Apple Stock Predictions

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Apple Stock Predictions

Tag: mac

Apple Stock Forecast: Bullish Long Drive Goes On In 2018 – Apple’s All Time Records In Q1


  • iOS 11.3 preview release – New AR experiences with ARKit 1.5, Health Records – collaboration of Apple with hospitals and clinics
  • Apple opens first official store in Seoul, South Korea expanding its worldwide presence to 18 countries
  • Apple introduced new product in an effort to stay competitive with Google Home and Amazon Echo – HomePod
  • Q1 2018 results are released – all-time records from all perspectives

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Apple Stock News: Trade-In Program Expanded

Apple Stock News

Apple has now officially expanded its trade-in program to include non-Apple devices, as rumors hinted at months earlier. The company will now let customers trade in Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone smartphones in exchange for credit towards an iPhone. The trade-in program is limited to several smartphone models made by Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Blackberry, and Nokia.

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AAPL Stock News: Should Apple lower its prices to keep its top-spot?

HK_CWB_Hysan_Place_mall_shop_Apple_Store_interior_Mar-2013Many analysts are concerned by Apple’s future: since iPhones and iPads are its top-selling products, what would happen if people stopped buying them because of their prices ? Indeed, Android’s products are way cheaper than Apple’s devices when they offer the same quality and user-experience.

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