Apple Stock News: M3 Coming, OLED Display, The Most Popular Smartphone

Apple Stock News: First M3 MacBooks Coming Next Year


Apple Stock News: Apple will introduce new MacBooks with TSMC’s 3nm chips in 2024, not in 2023 as some rumors suggested. DigiTimes predicts a 4.7% growth in notebook shipments in 2024 due to lower inflation and new product releases, including these MacBooks. The transition to 3nm chips is expected to boost performance. While Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman initially anticipated a 2023 release, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests a delay. New MacBook Pro models with mini-LED displays are also anticipated by the end of the year, possibly featuring the M3 chip, known for its improved performance and ray-tracing GPU.

MacBook Pro With OLED Display


MacBook Pro models with OLED displays won’t be available for at least three more years, according to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants. Young predicts that it will take until 2026 or 2027 for Apple’s supply chain partners to establish production lines for laptop-sized OLED panels. These OLED screens will offer benefits like increased brightness, better contrast, enhanced power efficiency, and longer battery life compared to current LCD screens. Young also confirmed that upcoming iPad Pro models in 2024 will feature OLED displays, but the first iPad Air and iPad mini with OLED displays won’t arrive until 2026. Young is known for providing accurate information about Apple’s display plans.

The Most Popular Smartphone Among Teens


The iPhone remains the top choice for teens, with 87% owning one, and 88% planning it as their next phone. Apple Watch ownership is growing slowly, with 34% of teens owning one, and 10% considering buying it in the next six months. Apple Pay leads in payment apps at 42%, surpassing Cash App, Venmo, and PayPal.

Spotify is the preferred music service for 70% of teens, while Apple Music lags at just over 30%. iCloud Private Relay usage has increased, with 37% of teens using it and 17% expressing interest in the next six months. These findings are based on a survey of 9,193 teens, with an average age of 15.7, conducted by Piper Sandler.

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