Apple Stock News: Catastrophic Privacy Battle, Potential ‘Hello Sunshine’ Acquisition, Impressive Quarterly Revenue Jump, And New Direction for AirPods

Top Apple Stock News: Ongoing Privacy Battle With App Store

Apple Stock News: On July 5th, the Financial Times reported on the closing victory of Apple’s battle against China regarding their privacy policies. Large tech groups were reported to have been working with Beijing-affiliated groups (CAID) to construct a new method of tracking iPhones for better advertising data. The issue arises because Apple lets its users choose whether or not each App they download and use tracks their progress. Thus, when CAID programmed an attempt to circumvent Apple’s installations, Apple had a catastrophe on its hands. They were tasked with either rejecting CAID, angering Beijing, or surrendering to one country and allowing them to abide by different rules than others. To attack the problem, Apple blocked updates to several Chinese apps that had included CAID in their software updates. Thus, CAID lost many of its valuable supporters, and Apple gained value as many of China’s major tech firms were forced to capitulate to Apple’s rules.

Apple Stock News Chine and Apple
Source: 9to5Mac

Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Hello Sunshine’ is Up for Grabs

Macrumors reported Apple’s potential interest in Reese Witherspoon’s owned media company named ‘Hello Sunshine.’ Apple has already paired with Witherspoon as they already work with ‘Hello Sunshine’ on popular Apple TV+ series such as “The Morning Show,” which starts the actress herself. Other shows are also featured on Apple TV, such as “Surface,” “The Last Thing He Told Me,” and “My Kind of Country.” The company is supposedly valued at $1 billion due to Witherspoon’s popular series, including “Big Little Lies” and “Little Fires Everywhere.”

Though the acquisition is not set in stone, the potential upsides are very advantageous. In terms of Apple Studios, they would acquire many more shows that bring on many viewers. As many other streaming services are looking to be better than the next, ‘Hello Sunshine’ could be exactly what Apple needs to move ahead. It provides fresh content from loved actors and actresses and would enable Apple to compete against Netflix’s exclusives and Amazon’s MGM deal.

Exciting Jump in Second-Quarter Revenue

One of the iPhone assembler companies – Hon Hai Precision Industry – has reported a 20% increase in the companies second-quarter revenue and has named the culprit to be the pandemic. The pandemic has driven the need for electronics such as iPhones, gaming consoles, and other services as more people work remotely and educate from school. Companies are also investing in more technology to accommodate for at-home work and online activities.

Apple Stock News chart of second quarter revenue
Source: TidBITS

The company’s revenue was reported to be 54% above where it was compared to the year-ago quarter. And, iPhone sales rose 65.5% year over year. Just in the second quarter of iPhone sales alone, Apple received $47.9 billion in sales. Though some of these sales could be due to the late release of the iPhone 12 pushing the revenue into the second quarter, Apple has been more popular than ever, even with other products like the iPad and Macs. The demand seems only to be accelerating from here and will be prominent in Apple Stock News for the foreseeable future.

What’s New With AirPods?

A well-known analyst from TF International Securities reported his take on what is to come with the next generation of AirPods. He believes that they will not be in stores anytime soon and that the arrival date might not be until 2022. There are also rumors that the product might be different from the cordless Bluetooth headphones we all know and love. A few of the rumors include sensors for various purposes besides music playback. Some of these suggestions are based on patents that suggest temperature sensors.

Apple's Airpods

We know that the new iOS 15 update will include improvements for current Airpods such as the  AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. These updates will consist of Conversation Boosts which supposedly will utilize beam-forming microphones to enhance the voice and strength of the noise of the person you are looking at. In other words, using AirPods in a noisy and crowded restaurant will become standard as people can use them to hear the people they are talking to better.

Apples Airpods
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