Apple Stock News: Facial Recognition Or TouchID Sensors?

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $139.00 on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. It had a drop of 0.37% from its previous close of $139.52 per share.


On February 26, 2017, I Know First wrote an article discussing the iPhone’s finger-printless feature. Today, more developing news has come out about where the new 3D sensors are going to be manufactured.

A French news site iGeneration reports that STMicroelectronics will be manufacturing the 3D sensors required for the iPhone 8. It will be done at the Grenoble factory, giving the ability to identify a user from their face.

As a result, such a big transformation for Apple, can go two ways. First, consumers may be so used to the fingerprint sensor, that it could backfire. Or, consumers may find it a much safer, and secure feature.  In fact, this could place Apple ahead of its competitors.

Production for the iPhone 8 is scheduled to begin in Septembers 2017. A date close to the holiday season.  Hence, some worry the iPhone 8 might not be released in time for the festive season. Therefore, Apple will be under pressure to make its pre-Christmas release.

This is a major opportunity for Apple to break into an entirely new market, but could have an opposite effect on the company.

Keep checking back for more news regarding AAPL. For Full AAPL forecasts and investment advice by our state of the art algorithm click here.

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