Apple Stock News: No Apple TV At WWDC

Apple Stock News

The new Apple TV was supposed to be the headliner of the company’s World Wide Developers Conference starting next week, but Apple is no longer planning on revealing the new device until later in the fall. This comes after it was revealed the company would not reveal the television streaming service the set top box would provide since the company could not finalize licensing agreements with certain networks. The news that Apple would not be revealing a new Apple TV was first reported by the New York Times’ Brian Chen.

apple stock news

Apple had been planning on making the Apple TV a big part of their biggest event of the year, which starts on Monday. The new Apple TV, which hasn’t been updated since 2012, was rumored to have its own App Store and Siri voice recognition. Most impressively, the device would be able to work with HomeKit, allowing users to control devices like the thermostat and the lights in their home using their voices. But the upgraded Apple TV is supposedly not ready for primetime yet and will probably be revealed in the fall, when Apple holds a couple of events in the fall to announce both the newest iPhone and the iPad.

Apple will go ahead and introduce its new music streaming service that is designed to take on market leader Spotify. Apple still provides 85% of the music downloads worldwide, but this market has been shrinking while music streaming has had steady growth. With a late entrance into this market, Apple is banking on its brand name and recognition being able to make this market more mainstream. The company will also reveal new operating systems for it PCs and mobile phones, while emphasizing how to make better apps for the Apple Watch.

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