Apple Stock News: Apple TV Release Might Be Delayed

Apple Stock News

I Know First has mentioned many times the expectation that the Apple TV would be released during the World Wide Developers Conference in the beginning of June. The new service would offer live streaming of television nationwide for only $35, offering a cheap alternative to traditional cable packages. However, complications mean that the new service could be delayed.

apple stock news

What differentiates the potential Apple TV streaming service from other streaming services such as Dish’s Sling, is that it will be offered nationwide, not just in a few cities. But this could cause some problems for Apple, as most broadcast networks do not own their local affiliates. Obtaining the rights to air local programming and commercials could prove difficult and delay the release of the streaming service.

Whether Apple will still release a new Apple TV during the conference next month, with or without the accompanying streaming service, is still unknown. However, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple does not plan on releasing it to the Fall, possibly giving it time to arrange deals with local broadcasters and add streaming infrastructure. Apple could also decide to release the streaming service without local programming, such as the local news.

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