Apple Stock News: Sales in China, MacBook With Foldable Screen, New Apple Pencil

Apple Stock News: iPhone Sales in China


Apple Stock News: Apple saw a significant drop in iPhone sales in China, losing its top-selling title to a local competitor. Despite a 24% decline, Apple still ranked fourth among smartphone makers. Vivo took the lead, benefiting from the budget market. Both Apple and Vivo sold fewer phones due to a 7% market decline, while Huawei’s market share rose to 16.5%. Analysts anticipate slow growth in Q1 2024. Apple faced tough competition, leading to discounts on iPhone 15 stock. Sales in China fell 13% to $20.8 billion, missing analyst expectations. Recovery prospects for 2024 seem bleak.

20-Inch MacBook With Foldable Screen


Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts Apple will release a foldable 20-inch MacBook in about three years. This aligns with previous mentions from Ross Young and The Elec. Currently, Apple’s largest laptop is the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Details about the design of the new MacBook are still unknown. Kuo suggests a foldable iPhone or iPad may not be coming soon.

New Apple Pencil


A rumor from Weibo user “Instant Digital” suggests that Apple will release a refreshed Apple Pencil this month, following over five years without an update. This aligns with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s recent statement about new Apple Pencils coming “in the next several weeks.” Rumored features include magnetically interchangeable tips, color sampling capabilities, and a shorter design with a glossy finish. With the anticipated launch of next-generation iPad Pro models, it’s plausible that the new Apple Pencil will debut alongside them. While Instant Digital’s track record with Apple rumors is mixed, their past claims include accurate reports on iPhone updates, though not all predictions have materialized.

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