Apple Stock News: AI Talks, Epic Games, Shipping From China

Apple Stock News: Conversations between Apple’s iPhone AI and Google and OpenAI are still Ongoing


Apple Stock News: Apple is in talks with Google and OpenAI to integrate their large-language models into new iPhone AI features, Bloomberg reports. These discussions follow recent talks with Google about incorporating its Gemini AI engine into iOS 18. While Tim Cook promises significant AI advancements this year, Apple is focusing mainly on smaller on-device features rather than cloud-based ones. Siri is expected to receive substantial upgrades in iOS 18, potentially utilizing large-language models. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman mentions improved Siri interaction with Messages as a specific development. Investors are concerned about Apple’s AI innovation pace and urge the deployment of generative AI features for growth and credibility.

Epic Games to Charge 12% Fee for App Sales


In February, Epic Games announced plans for an Epic Games Store on iPhones in the EU. At the Game Developers Conference (GDC), they disclosed details about the store’s launch and app fees. Games on the Epic Games Store will have a 12 percent revenue share, with apps keeping all earnings for six months. However, they’ll face Epic’s 12 percent fee and Apple’s 0.50 euro Core Technology Fee (CTF) per “first annual” install after one million. On the App Store, apps will pay a 10 to 17 percent commission, lower than the standard 15 to 30 percent.

Apps earning under $1 million annually on the App Store will pay a 10 percent fee under the Small Business Program, while others face a 17 percent fee. Developers using Apple’s in-app purchase system will pay an additional three percent, totaling 13 to 20 percent. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney criticized Apple’s changes, promising continued legal battles. The Epic Games Store will launch on EU iPhones by the end of 2024, excluding the US and other regions.

Shipping From China


The upcoming iPad Air is reportedly being shipped ahead of its launch to various countries, including the United States. According to the leaker “Instant Digital,” manufacturers in China are now distributing the 2024 iPad Air in two sizes, indicating readiness for release.

Rumors suggest that the sixth-generation iPad Air will feature the M2 chip, a redesigned rear camera, and upgrades like Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi 6E. Notably, it will come in two sizes for the first time, following the trend of other Apple products such as the Apple Watch and iPad Pro.

Reports from Asia indicate that Apple may announce the new iPad models on Tuesday, March 26. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models could be released by the end of March or in April. However, recent indications hint that the launch of the new iPad Pro may be delayed until April.

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