Apple Stock News: Vision Pro Apps, AI Tool, Longest-Ever Battery LifeOver 1,000 Vision Pro

Apple Stock News: Over 1000 Vision Pro Apps


Apple Stock News: Apple marketing chief Greg Joswiak announced that there are over 1,000 apps accessible for the Vision Pro. Additionally, there are more than 1.5 million iPad apps compatible with the Vision Pro, capable of running on the device. At the launch of the Vision Pro, Apple stated there were over 600 available apps for the headset. Therefore, the number of apps has increased by over 400 since the Vision Pro’s debut. While the Vision Pro can run many iPad apps, the count of 1,000 apps specifically refers to those designed for and optimized for the headset.

Animate Image Based on Description


Apple has introduced a new tool that uses large language models (LLMs) to animate images based on user prompts. Dubbed “Keyframer,” the tool generates CSS code for animations in response to text input, allowing users to refine designs iteratively. The innovation, detailed in a research paper titled “Keyframer: Empowering Animation Design Using Large Language Models,” aims to streamline design prototyping by combining generative capabilities with dynamic editing. Interviews with professional animators informed the development process, with participants praising the tool’s efficiency. This breakthrough follows Apple’s recent advancements in AI, including a model for pixel-level image edits and memory-efficient deployment of LLMs on Apple devices. Analysts anticipate generative AI features to debut with iOS 18, potentially marking a significant update in Apple’s mobile software history.

Longest-Ever Battery Life


Rumors from sources in Korea suggest that the iPhone 16 Pro Max may offer the longest battery life ever seen in an iPhone. These reports indicate various improvements, including a larger display size, likely 6.3 inches, and enhanced optical zoom capabilities due to internal changes. Despite a slight increase in chassis size, the device’s appearance may remain largely unchanged, albeit with slightly larger bezels compared to competitors like Samsung’s Galaxy S24. The iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to feature a similar or larger battery capacity compared to its predecessor, with improved power consumption across components. Speculation points to a battery life exceeding 30 hours, surpassing the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 29-hour mark. Recent reports also suggest a marginal increase in battery size, reaching 4,676 mAh, alongside other efficiency improvements. Additionally, the iPhone 16 Pro models are rumored to maintain 8GB of memory and benefit from cost-effective enhancements to the titanium frame manufacturing process. Apple is anticipated to unveil the iPhone 16 lineup in the fall.

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