Apple Stock News: Launch of Vision Pro, Broke a Tradition, Losing Markets

Apple Stock News: Vision Pro in January


Apple Stock News: According to a report from a Chinese investor news service, the Apple Vision Pro headset is set to launch on January 27 in the United States. However, considering Apple’s historical preference for launching products on weekdays, January 26 appears to be a more likely date. Apple has not officially announced the launch date but has indicated an “early” release in the year. Analysts expect the headset to hit shelves in late January or early February, with conflicting reports on the exact timing.

Without New iPad Model


In a break from its 12-year tradition, Apple did not release any new iPads in 2023, marking the first calendar year without a new iPad since the product line’s inception in 2010. Previously, Apple consistently launched at least one new iPad model annually, often releasing up to four. The last iPad releases occurred in October 2022, and the only related hardware introduced in 2023 was the Apple Pencil with USB-C.

This hiatus in iPad releases is significant, prompting speculation about Apple’s tablet strategy. It may reflect a shift in consumer behavior, with less demand for frequent upgrades as iPads become more advanced and widely adopted. There’s also speculation that Apple is addressing criticism of the iPad lineup’s complexity and uncertainties surrounding iPadOS direction. Analysts anticipate a substantial return for the iPad lineup in 2024, with every model expected to receive a hardware refresh, including the introduction of a 12.9-inch iPad Air and notable features in the flagship iPad Pro. This could result in an unprecedented six iPad models launching in a single calendar year.

Decrease of the iPhone Share in the Global Market


According to recent data from Counterpoint, Apple’s iPhone witnessed a decline in global market share in November, dropping to 20.8%. The dip was attributed to increased competition in China, where the iPhone’s market share fell to 21.3%, influenced by local rivals Huawei and Xiaomi. China is crucial for Apple, representing about one-fifth of its total revenue. The company faces challenges in the country, including restrictions on iPhones in some workplaces, part of Beijing’s efforts to promote domestic technology amid geopolitical tensions. Despite global smartphone demand softening, Counterpoint notes a resurgence in premium smartphones, with Apple still dominating this segment despite a decline in market share due to Huawei’s Mate 60 popularity last year.

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