Apple Stock News: Apple Vision Pro for Netflix, Flaw Discovered, Smartphone Resale

Apple Stock News: Netflix not Offer Apple Vision Pro App


Apple Stock News: Netflix won’t have an app for Apple’s Vision Pro headset at launch. Instead, users can access the streaming service through Safari and other web browsers on the headset. Apple’s Vision Pro will feature various video and sports apps, but Netflix has chosen not to provide a dedicated app for the new device. Pre-orders for Vision Pro start on Friday in the U.S., with the launch set for February 2.

Security Flaw Discovered in iPhone 12 and M2 MacBook Air


A security flaw named “LeftoverLocals” has been discovered in some Apple silicon GPUs, posing a risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data. The vulnerability, found by cybersecurity firm Trail of Bits, allows local attackers to retrieve data from the GPU’s local memory. The issue is concerning due to the widespread use of GPUs in processing Large Language Models (LLMs) for AI applications. Apple has patched newer devices with A17 Pro and M3 chips, including the third-generation iPad Air. However, older models like the iPhone 12 and M2 MacBook Air remain vulnerable, and it’s uncertain when they will receive security updates to address the issue. The vulnerability requires physical access to the device, making remote exploitation highly unlikely. Apple recommends users install the latest software updates for security.

Smartphone Resale


Apple’s iPhone 15 lineup is surpassing its predecessors and leading 2023 flagship smartphones in value retention, according to a report from SellCell. The 256GB Pro Max model is notably depreciating at a slower rate compared to competitors like Samsung, Google, and OnePlus. The iPhone 15 series initially experienced an average depreciation of 28.8% in the first month, improving to 27.1% in the second and 27.9% in the third month. In contrast, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series had a more significant drop in value, while the OnePlus 11 and Google’s Pixel 8 faced challenges. The iPhone 15 range also demonstrates up to 11% better value retention than the iPhone 14 series, reinforcing Apple’s reputation for strong smartphone resale value.

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