Apple Stock News: Vision Pro Mass Shipments, Train AI, Accepting Apple Pay, Import Ban.

Apple Stock News: Vision Pro Mass Shipments Begin Next Week


Apple Stock News: The Vision Pro is set to be mass shipped to Apple starting in the initial week of January, as indicated by supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a Christmas Eve communication, Kuo suggested that, following this timeline, the Vision Pro is expected to be available for purchase in late January or early February. Kuo projects that the shipments of Vision Pro in 2024 will total around 500,000 units. Apple initially unveiled the Vision Pro at WWDC in June, announcing its U.S. launch in early 2024, with subsequent releases in other countries later in the year.

Major Publishers to Train AI


Apple has reportedly approached major publishers, including Condé Nast, NBC News, and IAC, seeking multiyear deals valued at least $50 million. The agreements would allow Apple to use news content for training generative AI systems. While some publishers found Apple’s terms too expansive and vague on AI application, others were optimistic about potential partnerships, appreciating Apple’s request for content usage rather than unauthorized training. This move is part of Apple’s efforts to catch up with rivals in generative AI, with rumors suggesting internal testing of an “AppleGPT” chatbot and plans for AI features in iOS 18. Apple aims to enhance accuracy and reliability by training AI models on curated information from news sources while respecting privacy concerns.

Accepting Apple Pay


Lowe’s home improvement stores in the U.S. have recently begun accepting Apple Pay, ending a long-standing holdout. Although Apple Pay was available in Lowe’s app and website, its retail stores had not adopted it until December 20, as indicated by employee memos. Confirmation from a customer in Texas on MacRumors forums affirmed the successful use of Apple Pay at Lowe’s. The rollout was welcomed by employees, responding to customer demand for contactless payment options. With over 2,000 stores, Lowe’s aims to attract customers over competitors like Home Depot, which currently does not support Apple Pay.

Apple Watch Import Ban


The U.S. International Trade Commission’s import ban on Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 is now in effect, preventing Apple from selling these models in the United States. The Biden administration chose not to overturn the ban after careful consideration. The ban, stemming from patent infringement claims by Masimo Corporation and Cercacor Laboratories, Inc., specifically targets blood oxygen monitoring technology. Apple, currently unable to sell the affected models, is taking steps to appeal the decision and is working on a software solution. The ban only applies to Apple retail stores in the U.S., with other retailers still able to sell existing stock. The outcome depends on a successful appeal, resolution with Masimo, or modifying the blood oxygen sensor to avoid patent infringement.

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