Apple Stock News: Seventh Beta of VisionOS, Next-Gen Chip Technology, iPhone NFC Chip

Apple Stock News: Seventh Beta of VisionOS


Apple Stock News: Apple has released the seventh beta of visionOS for the Vision Pro headset, following a one-month gap since the sixth beta in November. Limited developers currently have access for app testing, and Apple is conducting Vision Pro labs worldwide to assist developers with testing and refining ‌visionOS‌ apps. The Vision Pro headset is anticipated in early 2024, allowing Apple time for further hardware and software refinement.

Next-Gen Chip Technology to Apple in 2025


TSMC has presented Apple with prototype 2nm chips expected in 2025. Apple collaborates closely with TSMC to advance 2nm technology, surpassing current 3nm chips in density and performance. These chips are crucial for future Apple silicon and advancements in data centers and AI. Apple plays a key role in TSMC’s competition with Samsung and Intel, maintaining a strong partnership. Apple plans to continue ordering ‌3nm‌ and 2nm chips from TSMC at least until 2027. Having pioneered TSMC’s ‌3nm‌ tech in the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple is likely to adopt N2 2nm chips, starting production in 2025.

iPhone NFC Chip Access to Apple Pay


Apple has reportedly proposed opening up the iPhone’s NFC system, used by Apple Pay, to other payment services amid potential EU regulatory action. The move comes after EU antitrust concerns regarding Apple’s exclusive access to the NFC chip. Apple’s offer is aimed at addressing complaints from banks and rivals, including PayPal, which contributed to the EU’s antitrust objections. The European Commission is expected to gather feedback before deciding on Apple’s proposal next month. This is not the first time Apple has faced criticism for limiting access to the iPhone’s NFC, with similar concerns raised by Australian banks in 2017.

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