Apple Stock News: Faster Than M3, Ultra Wide Camera, Best Camera

Apple Stock News: Snapdragon Faster Than Apple’s M3 Chip


Apple Stock News: Qualcomm asserts its new Snapdragon X Elite PC processor outpaces Apple’s M3 chip by 21% in multi-core performance. The Snapdragon X Elite scores 15,300 on Geekbench, while Apple’s M3 scores 12,154. Questions linger about the Elite’s thermal profile and power consumption. Qualcomm hints at diverse thermal design profiles for its 2024 Windows PCs, with a performance-focused 80W profile and an efficiency-focused 23W profile. The Snapdragon X Elite, announced in October, competes with Apple’s M3 series in the laptop market, but Qualcomm acknowledges differences in user experience due to OS variations.

Ultra Wide Camera


A Weibo leaker, “Instant Digital,” suggests that the iPhone 16 Pro may introduce a 48-megapixel Ultra Wide camera, making it the first iPhone with multiple 48-megapixel sensors. This upgrade aims to enhance low-light photography in 0.5× mode. Building on the pixel binning technology of previous models, the Ultra Wide lens is expected to support 48-megapixel ProRAW photos, providing greater editing flexibility and enabling large-sized prints. While the leaker has accurately reported some Apple details, their track record includes both accurate and inaccurate information. Analyst Jeff Pu also predicts the iPhone 16 Pro featuring a 48-megapixel Ultra Wide camera and Wi-Fi 7 support, with the iPhone 17 Pro expected to extend this technology to the Telephoto lens in 2025.

The Best Camera in 2023


Brownlee justified choosing the iPhone 15 Pro, acknowledging that while other smartphones excel in zoom, it provides solid, all-around performance and unmatched ease of use for photos and videos. He praised the iPhone 15 Pro’s superior and consistent video quality, including features like Log recording and direct video saving to external storage.

In MKBHD’s online camera test, the iPhone 15 Pro excelled in capturing low-light photos, with an honorable mention for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s zoom lens. The iPhone 15 Plus won in the best battery category, credited to its overall battery experience and the efficient 60Hz display. Brownlee recommended the iPhone 15 Plus for those seeking a “risk-free, no-brainer” device with excellent battery life.

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