Apple Stock News: Stop Musk, 5G Delay, Download Speed, New iPhone Design

Apple Stock News: Apple Pausing Advertising on X


Apple Stock News: Following Musk’s recent antisemitic remarks, Apple is halting all advertising on social network X, formerly Twitter. Despite previous conflicts, Apple resumed ads after a resolution with Musk, but recent comments and evidence of Apple ads alongside inappropriate content may impact future advertising decisions. Other companies, including IBM and the European Union, are also withdrawing ads from Twitter due to Musk’s statements. The White House has condemned Musk’s comments, and X employees report receiving calls from upset companies. Apple CEO Tim Cook has indicated ongoing evaluation of ad presence on the platform.

5G Modem Work Faces Further Delays


Apple’s efforts to develop its 5G modem face ongoing challenges, with setbacks pushing the launch timeline to late 2025 or early 2026. Despite acquiring Intel’s smartphone business in 2019, Apple struggles to match Qualcomm’s performance. Development issues include code rewrites, feature conflicts, and caution against infringing on Qualcomm patents. An Apple employee expressed surprise at expecting success with a failed Intel project. Dissatisfaction with Qualcomm led to a legal dispute in 2017, temporarily resolved by settling and signing a contract. While Apple’s in-house modem chip is delayed, development continues to reduce reliance on Qualcomm.

iPhone 15 Models Have Up to 54% Better 5G Download Speeds


The iPhone 15 models feature Qualcomm’s X70 modem chip, delivering up to 54% faster 5G download speeds compared to the iPhone 14 models, as confirmed by Ookla’s Speedtest. Across the lineup, the iPhone 15 Pro Max achieved the fastest median download speed at 285Mb/s, outperforming both Apple and Samsung devices. Ookla’s data, collected from September 22 to October 30, shows improved 5G speeds in various countries. While results may vary based on factors like location and carrier, the iPhone 15 series consistently excelled in download speeds. For detailed global results, Ookla provides comprehensive information on its website.

New Thermal Design for iPhone 16


According to the leaker “Kosutami,” Apple is planning to implement a new thermal system in the iPhone 16 to address overheating concerns. The company is reportedly exploring a graphene thermal system for the iPhone 16 lineup, while the Pro models may incorporate metal battery casings to mitigate overheating issues. This development is seen as a response to widespread overheating problems with the iPhone 15 Pro, which Apple addressed through a software update earlier this year. Graphene, known for its high thermal conductivity, could offer better heat dissipation compared to the current copper heat-sinks used in iPhones. Apple has previously shown interest in graphene for thermal management in portable devices, evident in its patent filings. Considering Apple’s history of adopting new materials, a transition to metal battery casings, as seen in the Apple Watch Series 7, is also plausible for the iPhone.

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