Apple Stock News: Stock Trading Feature, Tap to Pay in Brazil, iPhone Event, Charge Another iPhone

Apple Stock News: iPhone Stock Trading Feature from Goldman Sachs


Apple Stock News: Apple and Goldman Sachs intended to introduce an iPhone stock trading feature last year to rival apps like Robinhood, allowing users to easily trade stocks and even invest in Apple shares using spare cash. However, they postponed the project in 2021 due to market concerns. The infrastructure for the feature is ready, but it’s unclear if Apple will proceed with it.

Tap to Pay on iPhone in Brazil


Apple has launched Tap to Pay on iPhone in Brazil, enabling sellers of all sizes to accept payments using their iPhones as terminals. This feature, introduced in February 2022, utilizes NFC technology for secure contactless payments and supports PIN entry. Cloudwalk is the first platform offering this service to Brazilian businesses, with others like Stone, Nubank, SumUp, and Granito joining soon. It’s available on iPhone XS or newer models and works seamlessly like Apple Pay transactions. Brazil is the sixth region to adopt Tap to Pay after the U.K., Australia, Taiwan, and the Netherlands.

An iPhone 15 Can Charge Another iPhone


The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models feature a USB-C port instead of Lightning, enabling them to charge a wide range of devices, including other iPhones. When you connect a Lightning-based iPhone to an iPhone 15 using a USB-C to Lightning cable, the iPhone 15 can charge the older iPhone, even if its own battery is lower. When two iPhone 15 devices are connected, they communicate to determine which one has the lower battery and transfer power accordingly. Additionally, the iPhone 15’s USB-C port can charge an Apple Watch or AirPods Pro 2 with a USB-C Charging Case using a USB-C to USB-C cable. However, charging another device with an iPhone 15 is limited to 4.5W, suitable for small devices like the Apple Watch but not ideal for faster iPhone charging.

Expectation From Apple


After Apple’s recent iPhone and Apple Watch event, it seems unlikely there will be another event in October. Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts no new MacBooks or iPads for the rest of 2023. While new desktop Macs are possible, such as an iMac with an M3 chip, there are no concrete rumors. Apple might wait until after the 2024 launch of the Vision Pro headset to introduce the M3 chip. With recent updates to the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro, there are few products expected to be refreshed in 2023, and it could be a relatively quiet year for Apple.

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