Apple Stock News: Conversational AI, Deal With Arm, VisionOS App Store

Apple Stock News: Spending Millions on Conversational AI

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Apple Stock News: Apple has significantly increased AI spending, especially in conversational AI. Despite Apple’s AI chief’s skepticism about chatbots, they’ve been working on conversational AI for four years. While there were rumors of an “Apple GPT,” there’s no consumer product news yet. Apple’s “Foundational Models” team has 16 members, investing millions daily in language model training. They aim to automate multi-step tasks for Siri and work on video/image generation and multimodal AI. An advanced chatbot, Ajax, with 200 billion parameters, is in development but lags behind newer OpenAI models.

New Deal With Arm to License Chip Designs


Apple has extended its chip technology agreement with Arm beyond 2040, as revealed in Arm’s IPO documents priced at $52 billion. Apple relies on Arm’s hardware for its custom processors like the A15 and M2. Several companies, including Apple, are interested in buying up to $735 million in Arm shares, aiming to influence Arm’s management. This partnership dates back to Apple’s early days in 1990 when it collaborated with Arm on the Newton handheld computer, despite the Newton’s failure. Arm’s chip designs now underpin 95% of the world’s smartphones.

Beta Version of visionOS App Store


Apple has announced the upcoming release of the visionOS App Store for developers this fall. It will feature apps and games designed for visionOS, as well as compatible iPhone and iPad apps. Most iPhone and iPad apps will be automatically published on the visionOS App Store, but those needing updates for compatibility will be notified. Developers can use the visionOS simulator in Xcode 15 beta for testing and make tailored experiences with the visionOS SDK, offering 3D content optimized for eye and hand input.

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