Apple Stock News: 3D Printing, Third visionOS, Shift Away From Sony

Apple Stock News: Experimenting With 3D Printing


Apple Stock News: Apple is utilizing 3D printers to craft chassis for upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 models, reducing material usage and manufacturing time. This innovative process involves “binder jetting” to outline the device’s shape with powdered material, followed by a heat and pressure step to create steel-like substance refined with milling. This technique aligns with Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s insights about 3D printed components in the Apple Watch Ultra. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reveals that Apple aims to apply this method to stainless steel Apple Watch Series 9 models and plans to introduce 3D printed titanium devices by 2024. If successful, this move could enhance manufacturing speed and cost efficiency. The 3D printing approach has been in development for about three years, with plans to expand it to more products based on Apple Watch tests’ outcomes.

Third visionOS Beta for Developers


Apple has released the third beta of visionOS for its upcoming Vision Pro headset. This follows a month since the second beta launch in July. Only a few developers have access to the Vision Pro headsets for app testing, and details about the updates are not yet clear. Apple is also hosting Vision Pro labs worldwide for developers to test the headset in person and receive assistance from Apple engineers for their visionOS apps. The Vision Pro headset is slated for an early 2024 release, and reports from testers indicate unfinished features, including non-functional front-facing display.

Shift Away From Sony for Micro-OLED Displays in Future Vision Pro Headsets


Apple is considering switching micro-OLED display production for Vision Pro headsets from Sony to Chinese firms BOE and SeeYa due to supply chain issues, per The Information. Sony, the current supplier, is cautious about expanding production, while BOE and SeeYa, backed by local initiatives, are keen on the technology. Apple is testing displays from these Chinese suppliers for next-gen Vision Pro models and an affordable mixed-reality headset.

If BOE and SeeYa meet Apple’s standards, they could replace Sony. Yet, dealing with Chinese partners presents challenges, given legal and labor concerns. However, Chinese companies like Lens Technology, Genius Electronic Optical, and Luxshare Precision Industry are already vital to Apple’s Vision Pro production.

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