Apple Stock News: Next-Generation iPad Air, iPhone 16 Pro Max, Tax-Free Holidays, Apple Pay in Morocco

Apple Stock News: Next-Generation iPad Air With Spec Bump


Apple Stock News: Apple is working on a new iPad Air, but the release date is uncertain. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, there won’t be any major upgrades to the iPad lineup this year. It’s unclear if the new iPad Air will be updated later this year or in 2024. The previous iPad Air was updated in March 2022 with the M1 chip and other improvements. The features of the next iPad Air are unknown at this time.

Super Telephoto Camera for iPhone 16 Pro Max


According to a reliable source on Weibo, the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max may feature a super telephoto periscope camera, allowing for significantly increased optical zoom. This type of camera is often used in sports, wildlife, and portrait photography. The change is expected to be facilitated by Apple’s shift to a periscope telephoto camera system, starting with the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year. The iPhone 16 Pro Max may also come with a larger camera sensor, which could improve dynamic range and low-light photography capabilities. The source’s previous claims have been accurate in the past, suggesting credibility.

Upcoming U.S. Sales


Apple has released a list of products eligible for upcoming sales tax holidays in select U.S. states. These include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Additional states like Massachusetts, New Mexico, and South Carolina may also have sales tax holidays but are not yet listed by Apple. During these tax-free periods, customers can purchase select Apple products online or in stores without paying sales tax. The specific eligible products and price limits vary by state and can be found on Apple’s website. The tax savings will be reflected on the final receipt rather than during checkout. Sales tax holidays, which take place from late July to early August, are particularly advantageous for students as they can be combined with Apple’s Back to School promotion, providing additional discounts and gift cards.

Apple Pay in Morocco


Apple Pay is now available in Morocco, with CIH Bank being the first to support the digital payment method. Customers of CIH Bank can add their Mastercard credit cards and bank cards to the Wallet app. It’s expected that other banks in Morocco will also join in supporting Apple Pay. The service allows users to make contactless payments with compatible iPhones or Apple Watches wherever contactless payments are accepted, including select apps and websites.

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