Apple Stock News: Acquisition of AR Headset Firm, The Best Headset, Vision Pro

Apple Stock News: Apple Acquires Mira


Apple Stock News: Apple has acquired AR headset startup Mira, known for its headsets used on Mario Kart rides. Mira CEO shared a photo of Apple employee badges, confirming the acquisition. Some Mira employees have joined Apple. The reason behind the acquisition is unclear, but it may be to strengthen talent or acquire intellectual property rights in augmented reality.

The Best Headset

Apple Stock News: AR Geadset

Apple unveiled its highly anticipated Vision Pro AR/VR headset, providing a 30-minute guided demo to selected media outlets and YouTubers. Early impressions highlight the headset’s intuitive interface, impressive visuals, and innovative features like eye and hand tracking. However, testers noted some drawbacks, such as the headset’s weight and potential discomfort when transitioning between VR and AR modes. The Vision Pro comes with a hefty price tag of $3,499 and lacks haptic feedback. Overall, Apple’s ambitious approach and meticulous engineering have impressed observers.

Virtual Typing

Apple Stock News: typing

Apple’s Vision Pro headset utilizes hand gestures, eye movements, and voice commands for navigation. Users can select items by looking at them and tapping fingers together, scroll with a flick, and dictate text using the microphone button or Siri. Reviewers note that the gesture-based control system may require an adjustment period since most headsets rely on handheld controllers. Typing options include a connected iPhone, Bluetooth keyboard, virtual keyboard, or dictation. While the interface may be unfamiliar, the app layout and navigation resemble the familiar Home Screen on iPhones and iPads.

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