Apple Stock News: Apple’s Popularity With Gen Z, Car Keys Tests App, RAM Enhancements

Apple Stock News: Apple’s Popularity With Gen Z

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Apple Stock News: Significantly more young People choose Apple over competitors, which is causing a generational shift toward Apple products and social pressure. Because younger consumers fear social rejection if they don’t own an iPhone, market share is increasing across a variety of product categories. According to data by Canalys, for every 100 iPhones that Apple sells globally, it also sells 26 iPads, 17 Apple Watches, and 35 sets of AirPods.

Under-25 users of Apple products in western Europe plan to continue using iPhones, according to 83% of users. This pattern is probably going to continue as Gen Z ages, further solidifying Apple’s market position.

Car Keys Tests App

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For automakers attempting to integrate its digital Car Keys software, Apple has provided a testing app. By placing an iPhone or Apple Watch next to the driver-side door, customers may unlock and start a compatible vehicle with Apple’s digital car key function. Similar to a credit card, the auto keys are kept in the Wallet app. The new “Car Keys Testing” app, which Apple launched in July 2022, enables authorized MFi developers to test and evaluate their own integration of the digital car keys technology.

RAM Enhancements in the Upcoming iPhone 15

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Memory will be enhanced in the upcoming iPhone 15 series. With the iPhone 15 models, Apple will “upgrade the capacity and specs” of RAM. Although no specifics were given, it’s possible that the iPhone 15 series may have faster speeds and more RAM. By enabling multiple programs to be running in the background at once, greater RAM can help with multitasking on the iPhone. As usual, Apple is anticipated to release the iPhone 15 series at a press conference in September.

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