Apple Stock News: Foldable Displays, Focus on Streaming and Advertising, Replacing Notch

Apple Stock News: Apple Developing Thinner OLED Panels


Apple Stock News: Apple has begun developing thinner OLED panels that could be used in foldable displays in the future. Apple is developing OLED panels without polarizers, which typically only allow light in certain directions to pass through to improve the display’s visibility. By removing the polarizer, Apple will be able to make the panel significantly thinner, making it more suitable for foldable panels.

A report from The Elec last month said Apple is working with LG to develop foldable OLED display panels with ultra-thin cover glass for future iPad and MacBook models. According to a recent report by display analyst Ross Young, Apple is exploring a full-screen foldable laptop with a screen size of about 20 inches. Young believes these devices could form a whole new product category for Apple and lead to a dual-use product that could potentially be used as a laptop with a full-size on-screen keyboard when folded, and as a monitor when unfolded and used with the monitor with an external keyboard.

Apple Will Focus More on Streaming and Advertising

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According to a new report from Business Insider, Apple’s senior vice president of services, Eddy Cue, is working to reorganize service management with a greater focus on streaming and advertising. Cue sees streaming and advertising as areas of revenue growth opportunity and he has begun updating the role of the head of major services. Peter Stern, Apple’s VP of services, no longer handles ads, giving him more time to focus on video, news, books, iCloud, Fitness+, and the Apple One. One source who spoke with Business Insider said Apple’s advertising Business is now “big enough to stand on its own

Apple recently acquired the rights to Friday night baseball after striking a deal with Major League Baseball, and part of its effort to expand its streaming service will include additional sports deals. Apple is rumored to be working on securing the rights to NFL Sunday ticket packages, while Business Insider says it also wants the rights to stream NBA games.

Apple Expected to Replace Notch With Pill-and-Hole on All iPhone 15 Models

Ross Young, a display industry consultant, said that all four iPhone 15 models scheduled for release next year would have a pill and a perforated display design to replace the bangs. In a tweet, Young shared a roadmap showing that both the standard and Pro models of the iPhone 15 will have a pill-hole layout — a pill-shaped notch for the Face ID sensor and a hole for the front-facing camera. By contrast, only the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to switch to the pill-hole design this year, with the standard iPhone 14 model expected to retain the same notch as the iPhone 13 model.

Young believes Apple’s ultimate goal is to move the Face ID sensor and front-facing camera entirely below the display. If it’s successful, he expects the transition to start with Face ID under the screen on the iPhone 16 Pro in 2024, followed by Face ID under the screen and a front-facing camera under the screen on the iPhone 18 Pro in 2026.

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