Apple Stock News: WWDC Conference June 2021, New iOS15, Updates to Major Apps, MacOS Monterey

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Apple Stock News: On June 7, 2021, Apple conducted the annual WWDC conference where they announced new updates on products and software for the upcoming year. The company plans to release new IOS updates, creating new IOS systems, on the iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac, and on the TV. The new IOS updates are steps towards creating a more interactive, user-friendly, and accessible platform on Apple devices.

Major Apple Stock News – Reinventing the FaceTime App

Possibly, the most eye-catching Apple stock news is the release of the new IOS 15 systems on the IPhone which is expected to bring many new and innovative features. According to Apple Newsroom, one of the most popular video telephone apps, Facetime, will now integrate new characteristics to make it more user-friendly. 

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FaceTime calls will be more streamlined, allowing users to utilize spatial audio, to make voices sound more realistic and mimic a real-life conversation. The new update also includes new microphones that separate speaking voices from background noise. Because of the popular demand for snazzy pictures, Apple is integrating an enhanced portrait mode feature for facetime calls, allowing users to focus their faces and blur out the background. Most notably, Apple will now allow for a more user-friendly experience by allowing users to opt in to use a grid that allows you to see more faces at once on the screen while you’re talking. 

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Even cooler, users will now be able to “SharePlay”  between other facetime users, enjoying listening to music together, watching popular tv channels such as Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount, or enjoying a laugh over social media. 

One truly unique feature that was developed in the new version of IOS,  that Apple hesitated to add in previous software updates is the ability to allow Apple users to be able to interact with other non-Apple users. Facetime originally began as an easy-to-use video-telephony service, but with major competitors such as Zoom and Google Meet, investors from CNBC believe Apple took forth the long-winded opportunity to make an adjustment to make their product modernized. 

Adding in New “Focus Features”

Other features of the Apple IOS is the new Focus Mode that allows users to have the ability to reduce distractions. It has four different modes, Do Not Disturb, Personal Work, and Sleep, made to adjust for all different environments. The mode allows you to turn off notifications from apps you do not want in order to increase productivity. But, even better, it allows you to create a home screen that is customizable to the individual’s unique focus needs to display when set in different modes.

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(Source: Apple Newsroom)

Apple Restyles Popular Apps and Features

To go further, Apple is prioritizing accessibility by redesigning notifications to appear larger on the screen and adding pictures of contacts, to make the image more accessible. Other additions include Apple’s intelligence features that allow users to interact with the live text through images, it will allow users to interact with the words in an image and look them up on the web, or save a phone number in their contacts. 

Apple is also making major improvements to the Maps and Weather, and Notes applications. For the Maps application, Apple is adding in additional features and designs to have more specific detail about cities, small neighborhoods, business districts, and characteristics such as elevation, and construction, new road signs and labels, famous monuments, and a new day and night time lights on the road. Better yet, Maps will operate in a 3-Dimensional modality to allow for users to see, understand, and interact with the road in an easier way. 

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(Source: Apple Newsroom)

According to Apple Newsroom, the Weather app is set to be fully redesigned to include many more interactive graphic designs of weather that include interactive components such as full-screen maps, and changing weather layouts that vary based on the conditions. The Notes Application will allow for users to organize notes by category, add collaborators to notes, as well as make notes more visible by color-coding them. 

Lastly, the IOS 15, features new privacy features to make it easier for users. On the wallet app, it allows for users to put their ID cards as well as their room keys to some hotels room in order for easier access to the locations. 

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According to CNBC, Investors believe that while Apple has made these grande changes to their platform, it will have little effect on the investor opinions, because of the great functionally of both phone options, users of Android (GOOG) and AAPL will often end up buying the same device if it suits their needs. 

Introducing a New MacOS Software System

Apple also introduced new software updates to their MAC, which will allow MAC users to more easily connect with their peers. Similar to the updates on the iPhone, Apple’s computer software update will allow users to interact with other users through an enhanced FaceTime platform, Shareplay which will allow users to collaborate and work together on work tasks. Users can listen to music together, enjoy a podcast and look at photos together while on calls. Safari will be revamped to allow for more tabs to be open at once, and tabs will be combined by the color of the website to create a more compact design, as well as enable users to view more tabs at once. It allows users to be able to keep organized and plan tasks more easily.

Better yet, Apple is adding the ability for users to create shortcuts in Safari that allow users to effortlessly complete their daily tasks and be the most productive with their time. It allows users to complete work quickly and perform in the most efficient way. These shortcuts will include features such as an enhanced menu bar, easy-to-use Finder, and an even cooler hands-free Siri ability. Other additions coming to the Mac are the improved Notes app, Focus Features, and FaceTime redesigns as mentioned above.

(Source: CNET)

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