Apple Stock News: WWDC 2021, New iPadOS 15, Launch of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Apple Stock News:
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Apple Stock Rising After WWDC June 2021

Apple Stock News: Last week, Apple’s annual WWDC conference was done and dusted. Some major announcements at the conference include the new release of iOS 15 for iPhones, iPadOS 15 for iPad, watchOS 8 for Apple Watch, macOS Monterey for Macs, changes and improvements to Apple Maps, the launch of iCloud+, and its updates on Privacy, etc. After WWDC, Apple’s stock price has displayed an increase, and it has continued to climb and hit $130. An article on the TheStreet website states that even though Apple did not bring many standout surprises on new products, the company’s improving software and cross-platform features can still make it a continued-growing business.

Stock price in 1-month
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New iPadOS 15 Productivity Features

One notable announcement at WWDC 2021 is the release of iPadOS 15, which is set to be launched with new features in the fall. iPad introduces a new Home Screen design along with integrated widgets, more interactive multitasking features, the App Library, systemwide note-taking by Quick Note, SharePlay, a redesigned Safari experience, and some more features updated. Those features promise higher productivity, letting users get things done easily and more organized. 

One of the most striking features that the iPad brings up is probably its redesigned multitasking menu, which makes it easier to work on multiple apps at the same time. There is a multitasking menu at the top, allowing users to go to Split View or Slide Over with simply one tap. Thus, with this new shelf, users will be able to dual-screen apps and have various windows opened simultaneously. Plus, people can bring the note to the screen center without switching their current view.

(Source: Apple Newsroom)

Additionally, iPadOS 15 widget is another eye-catching update this time. Users are now getting a bigger widget option and they can put widgets wherever they want. iPadOS 15 brings new widgets for Apple Store, Find My, Game Center, Mail, and Contact, bringing versatility further to a high level. There are also different sizes coming in with widget apps as well. For instance, the Files widget is designed to be bigger so that people can see many files at once. 

(Source: Apple Newsroom)

Moreover, there are some other updates introduced by iPadOS 15 (see this announcement by Apple Newsroom). For example, users can capture their thoughts using Quick Note anywhere and organize their notes using the Tag Browser feature; users can also use SharePlay to share their moment with friends and family; Safari is being redesigned to have users see more pages when browsing; etc. 

Launch of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

In May, Apple had planned to delay its launch of Apple Pods to ensure the “best experience” will be given to its customers. According to this week’s Apple Newsroom, Apple has now announced that Apple Podcasts subscriptions and channels are launched worldwide in more than 170 countries and regions. Through purchasing subscriptions, users can either follow individual shows or a group of podcasts by channel. 

Apple Stock News:: Podcasts
(Source: Apple Newsroom)

As expected, listeners are now able to get access to more genres and types of content than before, including news, comedy, sports, true crime, etc., and with more new content arriving every week. Furthermore, with Apple Podcasts subscriptions, users can experience some new formats of podcasts including original narratives from award-winning storytellers, calming meditations and music, kid-friendly original stories, etc. 

According to a report on Yahoo Finance, Apple’s subscription price is set by publishers and creators with a minimum price of 0.49 cents every month. Apple will also keep 30% of the subscription fees in the first year and 15% in the following years. With this plan to monetize podcasts, Apple is aiming to generate more revenue from its paid subscription sector, along with the Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, and Apple News Plus services for its exclusive content offering. 

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