Apple Stock News: App Store Ecosystem Facilitated Over Half A Trillion Dollars In Commerce In 2019

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(Source: Apple)

Apple’s App Store Ecosystem Facilitated Over Half A Trillion Dollars In Commerce In 2019

According to Apple news, the App Store ecosystem supported $519 billion in billings and sales globally in 2019 alone. The new study, (click the link for detailed information) conducted by independent economists at Analysis Group, found that the highest value categories were mobile commerce (m-commerce) apps, digital goods and services apps, and in-app advertising. The results encapsulate the full sweep of the dynamic, competitive, and flourishing app economy.

The App Store is now home to almost 2 million apps and visited by half a billion people each week across 175 countries. It helps creators, dreamers, and learners of all ages and backgrounds connect with the tools and information they need to build a brighter future and a better world.

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(Source: Analysis Group)

The study also looked at COVID-19 effects on different app sales. Social apps are helping friends and families stay connected, and education and business collaboration apps are helping students and employees adjust to remote working environments. Food and grocery delivery apps have benefited from increased consumer demand at the same time as apps related to businesses that have faced restrictions, or those that require in-person interactions, have seen a sharp drop-off.

Apple News Reveals Lineup For Its Biggest-ever Worldwide Developers Conference

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(Source: Business Today)

According to Apple Newsroom, Apple shared on June 11 the WWDC20 lineup, including keynote and Platforms State of the Union timing, and information on how developers can learn about the future of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, and engage with Apple engineers. The events will be available for direct stream and on-demand playback from Apple Park via, the Apple Developer app and the Apple Developer website. For viewers in China, they will be on Tencent, iQIYI, Bilibili, and Youku.

Aside from looking forward to the new Apple products as normal consumers do, millions of engineers are also looking forward to learn new things from the events provided by Apple. They will be excited about the engineering sessions where developers will have the ability to learn how to build the next generation of apps. Also, the Apple Developer Forums will connect the developer community with more than 1,000 Apple engineers to answer questions and engage in technical discussions. Moreover, there will be 1-on-1 Developer Labs (by appointment), offering one-on-one technical guidance and in-depth details on how to implement new features.

EU Antitrust Regulators To Investigate Apple’s App Store, Apple Pay

(Source: European Commission)

According to Reuters, Apple is being investigated by EU antitrust regulators over its App Store and mobile payment system Apple Pay as the bloc turns up the heat on gatekeepers of online platforms on which thousands of companies depend for business.

The European Commission said its investigation would look into Apple’s requirement forcing app developers to sell to customers using its own in-app purchase system and rules preventing them from informing users of cheaper products elsewhere. The investigation will also cover all apps which compete with Apple in Europe, which could be iCloud and gaming apps, following informal information received by regulators.

Apple was critical of the EU investigation. “It’s disappointing the European Commission is advancing baseless complaints from a handful of companies who simply want a free ride, and don’t want to play by the same rules as everyone else,” according to Apple news,  “We don’t think that’s right — we want to maintain a level playing field where anyone with determination and a great idea can succeed.”

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