Apple Stock News: How Will President Trump Effect AAPL?

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $111.06 on Tuesday, November 8th, with a 0.6% gain, or $0.65 from its previous close of $110.41 per share.

apple stock news

By now you know that Trump has won the Presidency, which has shocked the nation. What does Mr. President Trump have to do with AAPL?

Tax breaks for larger companies, including Apple, are part of his agenda while in office. What this means is that corporate taxes will lessen, making it more favorable for American companies to move their manufacturing back to the United States. According to Investopedia, instead of the 39% tax rate “firms may face when bringing cash back home, Trump proposes a one-time charge of 10% for repatriated cash.”

This sounds good for every industry, but the tech industry has many other aspects of Trump’s agenda to worry about. Trump has continually talked about how many large tech companies are essentially getting away with murder on their taxes. He also plans to veto certain trade agreements that have helped grow the tech industry such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. Japan and China have both been seeing increases in iPhone sales, prompting Apple to expand into Asian markets. With the limitation on globalization that Trump will ultimately bring, this will negatively affect Apple’s expansion. Other issues have to do with immigration. The H1-B visa, which allows skilled workers into the country, will be restricted. Many of the tech companies rely on skilled workers to continue their growth.

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