Apple Stock News: Bringing Apple Back for the Holidays

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $111.77 on Friday, November 25th, with a 0.49% gain, or $0.54 from its previous close of $111.23 per share.
apple stock news

Black Friday sales have ended but Cyber Monday is just beginning. Apple products being sold from retailers such as Walmart and Amazon are a better place to get the deals. Though Apple doesn’t give amazing deal through their own stores, deals from the other retailers may boost AAPL stock. Regardless of how or where you purchase your iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook, etc., the purchase itself affects Apple sales, which ultimately affects the stock itself.

Apart from the holiday sales and shopping, Apple is also benefiting from Donald Trump’s new policies, though initially the policies spread fear in the tech world. Trump promised to have Apple and other manufacturers move their production to the United States which means that prices will soar; however, Trump has promised to lower corporate tax in an effort to make manufacturing not only feasible in the United States, but more attractive. He has also promised a tax “holiday” where companies can move their manufacturing back to the United States at a heavily reduced tax rate.

With the holiday sales and the move back to the United States, Apple will benefit heavily, and so will the economy.

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