Apple Stock News: Apple Signs Agreement With NBC Universal

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $110.41 on Monday, November 7th, with a 1.44% gain, or $1.57 from its previous close of $108.84 per share.  Many speculate yesterday’s gain results from the market’s upbeat news of presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton, cleared from the most recent FBI investigation.

Apple Stock News


Apple has signed an exclusive deal with Comcast’s NBC Universal.  Starting on January 2017, NBC Universal will handle ad sales for Apple’s news app.  Publishers will continue to keep 100% of the ad revenue sold by themselves.  However, NBC Universal instead of Apple will sell unsold ad inventory.  This may seem as wise decision for Apple.  Some considers Apple not as a company keen of publicizing ads on apps.  NBC Universal is a well known brand and expert in advertisement.

Perhaps such a partnership could be the start of blossoming a closer relationship.  As reported in the past, Apple has been pursuing TV networks to produce Apple’s own shows.  Such a cultivation in relationship between two recognized brand could result in Apple achieving a project that has long been in pursuit.

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