Apple Stock News: Last Speculations Before the Big 7

Apple Stock News

The latest forecast about apple before the big announcement of the new IPhone.

As excited we all are about the new IPhone 7 which will be announced on September 7 at
10 a.m. PDT there are a few things we should know. Looking back on this year it hasn’t been the best year for apple. As well the (AAPL) stocks dropped from and all time high on February 26 by 26%, but this year still has hope. Every even year (2012,2014 & 2016) Apple releases a new IPhone which has a new design, new look and new technology with some amazing gadgets which make it fast, bigger, thiner and better. They always announce there New products towards the end of the year to increase there sells before year end.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 6.17.14 PM

What to expect for the new IPhone7.

The difference between the IPhone 6 and the 6s were quite disappointing yet not to worry. Every time apple came out with a new Phone serious like IPhone 5 to IPhone 6 there were big changes new design which was included bigger screen, better camera, more pixel, faster ect. This year there should also be a new IPhone serious which very likely will be called IPhone 7. Their are many speculations and here are some of them.

Water resistant . After the Samsung S7 became water prove it is very likely for the IPhone 7 to be as well. One of the latest forecast says there should also be a true tone display as well as two dual-LED flashes on the rear camera. It should also have a bigger verity colours to fit everyones taste.

Apple Stock News


In the recent week there were a lot of back an forth argument if Ireland should take the tax that the big american company apple owes them or not.

After the EU decided that apple has to pay 14.6 billion $ and maybe even interest on it. The next question is who gets all this money or who has to take it. In Ireland there is a big debate if they should take the money or if they should not accept it. Ireland has big debt that they owe to Germany and this would cut there debt by 10%. At the same time Ireland isn’t ready to admit to its mistakes as well as they are running the risk of other big corporations leaving the country due to lack of trust with the Government as well as not having a tax discount. Yet apple is still not willing to pay it and said they want the case to be revealed due to them not doing anything illegal.

For the most up algorithmic forecast for AAPL click here.

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