Apple Stock News: MacBook Pro upgrades, iPhone 7 news & iPad fame in enterprise

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $108.37 on Tuesday August 9th with an increase of 0.89% or $0.83 from Apple’s previous closing.

Here are the latest news for Apple Stocks:

Two Major Upgrades for the MacBook Pro  

macbook-proApple will soon offer all-new MacBook Pros that will come both with a Touch ID sensor, as well as an organic light-emitted diode (OLED). The OLED touch bar would provide users quick access to a wide variety of functions and notifications, depending on user preference. Adding Touch ID wouldn’t be a major step forward for the MacBook Pro. Indeed, several Windows PC makers have long offered biometric security in their devices and this is a technology that is currently used in its iPhone and iPads. However, Touch ID could be used for far more than unlocking a MacBook Pro. The feature could also be used to make purchases in the Mac App Store or verify a desktop-based purchase from online stores.

Apple iPhone 7 new features 

iPhone-7-ConceptApple iPhone 7’s launch is just a couple of weeks away and most of the features of the upcoming devices were revealed. Indeed, the iPhone 7 series will have a dual-rear camera and a home button with taptic feedback. The 2016 series will mark the end of the headphone jack. New iPhones will also be water-resistant and will start at 32GB base model instead of the 16GB. Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone in the first week of September, and it could be in stores by September 16.



Apple’s iPad is more popular with businesses than consumers                                                                           indexWhile Apple’s iPad sales continue to decline overall, the tablet is surging in demand. Indeed, nearly half of all iPad sales are to corporations and governments, with high-end iPad sales to business customers particularly strong. Apple’s fresh success in the enterprise is unusual for the company. Microsoft has typically dominated desktop computing inside businesses, and Steve Jobs always focused Apple on building products that consumers would love. But now, Apple has an advantage over both Android and Windows for tablets in the enterprise. Google’s Android security is often seen as inferior to iOS, and Windows has lacked touch-based apps to take advantage of a true mobile tablet mode.




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