Apple Stock News: Pokemon Go and iPhone 7 Leaked

Apple Stock News

For the latest Apple Stock News, AAPL closed at $96.98 on Monday, July 11th. That is an increase of .31% from Apple’s previous closing. Apple’s stock price has been steadily recovering since the announcement of Brexit on June 24th.

Apple Stock News

The latest news from Apple:

Pokémon Go has not only galvanized Nintendo by increasing its market capitalization by over 7 billion dollars since it came out earlier this week, but has also generated Apple a significant amount of revenue. Pokémon Go is the latest addition to the Pokémon franchise, plus it’s the first to be downloadable on the App store. This created a downloading frenzy which shot the app to number one in the App store for free and top grossing games. The app currently has over 7.5 million downloads and rakes in revenue of over 1.6 million dollars a day from in-app purchases within the US only.

The reason Pokémon Go is large news for Apple is that Nintendo receives only 10% of the revenue made from Pokémon Go, while Apple gets 30%. This means Apple is making triple what Nintendo is without having to do any development for the app. Pokémon Go is likely to continue as the top game on the App store and generate even more revenue once it is available worldwide and updated to run more smoothly.

In other news, since the iPhone 7 is expected to be released in September, there is a lot of speculation as to what kind of upgrades and new features it will have. Pictures of the back of the iPhone have been leaked, but the validity of those sources is still in question.

Apple Stock News

The pictures feature an iPhone that is very similar to the iPhone 6s besides for several minute differences. The camera on the back seems to be more protrusive which perturbed some Apple users when the 6s added this protrusion. The phone’s design is also lacking antenna lines which were on the 6 and 6s and instead has bumpers which may be for the same purpose on the top and bottom of the phone. Another difference is that there are two speakers on the bottom of the phone instead of one. There are also rumors of the phone being waterproof which will put iPhones on par with most other smartphones which are already waterproof. Everybody’s eyes are peeled for confirmation about which rumors are true and which are false and hopefully for new surprises from Apple regarding the iPhone 7.

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