Apple Stock News: Great New Features Are On The Way

Apple Stock News

This year Apple has more to talk about than ever in its annual Worldwide Developers Conference because now has four distinct operating systems to discuss: iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS. WWDC’s main event is going to happen on Monday, June 13th. Since Apple plans have leaked out over the past few months, we can have a general idea of the topics that are going to be covered this year on the conference.

Apple Stock News

A lot of things have to do with Siri and it looks like it is going to be the star of WWDC in 2016. According to the latest news Siri is getting more powerful and it is getting launched on the Mac. It is supposed to let users do just about everything they used to do on the iPhone and iPad: to open apps, gets answers to questions etc.

In addition, Apple is going to start opening up Siri to all third-party apps which means that any developer would be able to integrate their app with Siri, allowing users to get more things done on their phone with voice control. It is very possible that Siri will be the same way as Alexa, which has over 1,000 ways of interacting with third-party apps.

As for Apple Pay, users might get few more ways to pay in the new version of iOS. Apple is working on enabling Apple Pay payments on the web, which is expected to arrive by the end of this year. It will exempt the users from entering a credit card and billing information every time they want to buy something on mobile phone.

It looks like iOS’s biggest new features are the upgrades to Siri and improvements to Apple Music discussed above. But there might be a number of small design changes in the operating system as well, making it more attractive and colorful. Photos app is expected to get new editing features as well.

It looks like Siri is supposed to be this year’s big upgrade to OS X. But the operating system is expected to undergo its second name change and will be renamed MacOS. Most probably the world is going to hear about updates to tvOS and watchOS as well. However, it still remains a secret, thus it should be a complete surprise this year. Unfortunately, Apple is not planning to unveil any new hardware, thought it is just a matter of time. Don’t worry Apple funs! There are a lot of great surprises waiting for you in 2016.


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