Apple Stock News: In Light Of The Giant Loss In This Quarter Will Apple Step It Up?

Apple Stock News

The company in this last quarter had a very big downfall which some investors took as an opportunity to make profits using the algorithmic signals (Get Yours Here).

Apple Stock News

Taking into account the actions of the Senior Vice President to buy at a low price and get rid of the second portion of his shares as the stock collided. If all that we see is Form 4 Fillings this will lead to distrusting the company and probably a higher loss in the future but is this all that there is to AAPL stocks? NO! What investors are more interested in is in Apple’s client loyalty to the Apple products and the development of new and exciting gadgets and keep up with the fast world development.

While innovation really has not been a full on priority for Tim Cook. He has focused on following the carefully crafted steps that Steve jobs left instructed, but, is Steve Job’s legacy part of that?  Loyal fans and followers of the Steve Jobs Way would say that it was lost in translation. The real issue of Tim Cook at this point in time is to revive the Steve Jobs Spirit and make Apple the leader in innovation and not a follower.

unfortunately Tim Cook has not taken serious their R&D to create a new exciting product, it seems to be that in 2007 after the iPhone they closed the R&D shop and focused in tweaking their current devices. It is nice to have a better running iOS or a slimmer Mac or iPad but the thing that made Apple be Apple is missing.

If Tim Cook wants to recover from this loss and see a brighter future in the company he needs to place himself in the shoes of Steve Jobs and create what doesn’t exist and what people don’t even know they want yet. Waiting for the big surprise.


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