Apple Stock News: iOS 9.3.1 update

Apple Stock News

The new Apple Operating System, iOS 9.3.1, has helped resolve several of Apple issues, most notability the bug that caused the device to lock up, drain battery usage and resolve the most crucial issue,  Apple’s Universal Links.

Apple Stock News

 The new updated version is available now through the Settings app on an iPhone and iPad or  iTunes on a Windows or OS X computer. Apple notes how the updated software is set to fix a problem caused by rogue third-party apps that overload one of the core components of iOS that handles links within apps from Safari, Mail and Messages to many third-party apps.

The Universal Links problem was blamed on apps, for example,, which uses large lists of URLs within Apple’s Universal Links system, which lets apps claim certain URLS and open them within the app rather than Safari.

The size and complexity of the broken Universal Links systems meant the iPhone or iPad goes into a constant loop and make all links inoperable across most of the system.

Updating via the phone, tablet or computer should fix any broken iPhones or iPads, and prevent the problem from happening again.

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