Apple Stock News: Apple’s Gamble To Sell Cheaper iPhones Is A Long-term Winner

Apple Stock News

Motek Moyen, a senior analyst at I Know First wrote an article based on the algorithmic signal about the expected performance of Apple’s stock and gave an overview of  iPhone SE role in the company’s future. Why is this mini gadget is going to bring beautiful profits? And how it will influence Apple stock?

I like it very much that Apple (AAPL) is abandoning its high-end-only approach to its iPhone strategy. The $399 iPhone SE move is similar to the company’s 2012 release of the smaller, cheaper iPad Mini. Just like the smaller iPad, the new 4-inch iPhone will play a very significant role in Apple’s future. Without the iPad Mini’s presence in the market, Apple would have long lost its crown as the top vendor of tablets.

The iPhone SE is prima facie evidence that Apple also wants to be a major player in the mid-range smartphone market. Aside from Apple loyalists who demanded a new 4-inch iPhone, there is the bigger market segment of price-sensitive customers. Long-term growth of Apple is a lot better when it can also better monetize the sub-$400 smartphone sector.

You will find all the answers in THIS ARTICLE.

Apple Stock News


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