Apple Stock News: Leaked Case Photos Reveal Features of the New iPhone 7

Apple Stock News

The iPhone rumor mill has been hot this past week, as there have been many new reports in multiple online publications, all of which are making claims about new information regarding the type of display, to the sound quality and the size of the new iPhone.

To begin, the Motley Fool ran a story using information from Digitimes, which poses that a manufacturer within Apple’s supply chain in Taiwan, has plans to make an ever larger 5.8 inch iPhone, with an AMOLED display. Many believe that Apple’s current displays are not up to par with the OLED displays offered by Samsung Galaxy S7 and that upgrading their technology should be a priority. The report goes on to cite Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, who believes that there will be two types of next generation iPhone. Initially, Apple will release a standard single lens camera version, and later on towards the fall of 2017, Apple will release a “pro” model that will come with a dual-lens camera.

apple stock news


Furthermore, a French blog,, posted pictures of what is potentially the new case for the iPhone 7. The photos of the case seem to confirm the idea that the new iPhone will have a dual camera system, due to the fact that the camera slot appears to be bigger than in previous phones. The new case also has to two slots on the bottom, which according to a report by CNET, indicates that the new iPhone will transmit sound through a dual stereo-speaker system allowing the phone to generate more volume than the mono speaker predecessor. The most notable feature of the new case, however, is that there is no space for a 3.5mm audio jack, meaning that the new iPhone will not work with headphones or external speakers. Similar to how the new MacBook’s have done away with USB ports and have relied on cloud storage, it seems that the new iPhone is trying to replace traditional audio cables with Bluetooth technology.


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