Apple Stock News: Vision Pro, iPad Air, Stop Fraud

Apple Stock News: Vision Pro in China


Apple Stock News: The Apple Vision Pro has appeared in China’s product regulatory database, hinting at an imminent launch there. Both the Vision Pro (A2117) and its Battery Pack (A2697) are listed. Bloomberg reports that Apple plans to introduce the headset to more countries post-WWDC, though analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested this would happen before the event. Evidence from Apple’s backend code and recent training for retail employees from various countries, including Australia, Canada, China, and others, supports this. Initially launched in the U.S. in February, Apple had promised a wider release “later this year” without specifying countries or dates.

Next-Generation iPad Air


Apple’s next iPad Air will feature an M3 processor. Last week, Apple introduced new iPad Air models with the M2 chip, replacing the M1-powered 10.9-inch iPad Air from 2022. They also announced new M4 iPad Pro models, initially expected to have the M3 chip. This suggests Apple aims to keep the iPad Air one generation behind the iPad Pro in terms of processors. Rumors indicate a 10.8-inch OLED iPad Air could be released between 2026 and 2028. The new M2 iPad Air, nearly 50% faster than the M1 version, starts at $599, and the 13-inch model at $799, both available from May 15.

Stop Fraudulent Transactions


Apple’s fourth annual fraud prevention report reveals that in 2023, the App Store blocked over $1.8 billion in fraudulent transactions and more than 14 million stolen credit cards. Apple banned 3.3 million accounts and rejected 1.7 million apps for not meeting standards. They terminated 118,000 developer accounts and blocked over 153 million fraudulent customer accounts. Additionally, Apple detected 47,000 illegitimate apps and stopped 3.8 million attempts to install illicit apps via the Enterprise Program.

The app review team processed 6.9 million submissions, aiding 192,000 developers in publishing their first apps. They removed apps involved in scams, rejecting 38,000 for hidden features and 375,000 for privacy violations. This report comes as the EU allows app installations outside the App Store, which Apple warns could raise scam and privacy risks.

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