Apple Stock News: Apple Working to Make iPhone Security Stronger

Apple Stock News

Apple is currently in the middle of a battle with the FBI, which wants the company to help them unlock the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, the shooter responsible for the December 2nd attacks in San Bernardino, California. The FBI would like for Apple to write a code that would prevent the content of the phone from being erased if too many incorrect passcodes are entered into the phone. Apple’s engineers are now said to be working on developing an iPhone that would be impossible for government to break into locked iPhones. In the very public debate over whether Apple should be assisting the FBI to gain access to the shooters phone, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook claims to be siding with consumers rights to privacy, and he believes that helping the government to unlock the phone will set a dangerous precedent.

apple stock news

The New York Time’s reports that experts are certain that Apple will succeed in creating the new security enhanced features, however, it is not known when they will be available. The move to prevent the government from having a way into locked iPhones will lead to further tensions between Apple and law enforcement, during a time where there is already heated discussions over encryption technology. Although the current case is being handled in courts, Apple’s new security technology would likely mean that congress would need to get involved.

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