Apple Stock News: Is the Sky Really Falling for Apple?

Apple Stock News

If you were to go online and Google Apple Stock News, a lot of stories would be acting as if the sky was falling. Ever since the first iPhone was released back in 2007, Apple been Wall Street’s  favorite stock.  This makes the bearish sentiment all the more unusual. However, Apple’s current struggles are being overblown.

apple stock news

The reason for the recent panic has because it has fallen 27% since it’s most recent high of 27% in April of last year, and share prices have recently dipped below $100.00. It’s true that this hasn’t been best few quarters for the tech company, but it doesn’t change the fact that they still have $200 billion left over. They clearly have more than enough money to be relevant for awhile.

Their struggles have mainly come from a recent decline in iPhone Sales. With  their other products, they are striving. For example, Apple Music just hit 10 million subscribers in 6 months. Compare that to Spotify who took six years to get that many subscribers.

The people who believe Apple are crumbling are the vocal minority. The general consensus in Wall Street is that Apple is still bullish. A lot more needs to happen for the largest tech company in the world to fall.

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