Apple Stock News: Is Apple good for investors?

Apple Stock News

Last year we could see a disparity between the performance of Apple shares and the company, which produces iPhones and iPads and other fantastic products. This week, Apple will report its fiscal first quarter which is historically the company´s strongest period because of the holidays, but analysts have been taming their expectations for the quarter due to fears of a weaker-than-expected performance for the iPhone 6.

apple stock news

David Goldman from CNN Expansion said that Apple shareholders are worried because, despite increasing sales and earnings, the price of its shares went down strongly during last 12 months, losing more than 9% and 29% from its high price 11 months ago, which isn´t consistent with the reports and development of the company.

Goldman said that the biggest concern is that Apple is becoming an iPhone-dependent company, which represents 63% of its revenues and it´s increasing year by year while there is evidence of a decreasing interest of iPhones around the world but China. Analysts think that sells of iPhones could fall during last quarter of 2015, which could be the first time it happens.

Nevertheless, Apple remains being the biggest company in the world with huge revenues and earnings. We believe that Apple will be able to revive investor expectations and its shares will retake the bullish trend.

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