Apple Stock News: Is the iCar in the future?

Apple Stock News

For months now there has been speculation about Apple developing a self-driving electric car. Now after reported that Apple has recruited engineers from Tesla, Ford, GM, and Samsung, fans are as interested in the car project, believed to be called “Project Titan” as ever.

apple stock news

Speculation about the apple car comes at a good time. iPhone 6s  sales have been declining of late. This has led to the stock to begin trading under $100 for the first time since 2014, and for iPhone 6s to cut production by 30%. Many are beginning to wonder of this is the beginning of the end for the iPhone.

The iPod was the first Apple product to revolutionize the tech industry. Then came the iPhone. Now an electric car would be the third. It is unclear if the automobile will be called Apple.Car, the iCar, or something else entirely. However, the domain name registration suggests that  Apple might be going public with their plans soon.

One immediate concern about an Apple electric car would be the battery life. iPhones are notorious for dying quickly, so it’s understandable why one would worry about the car. Despite this fear, Apple is still the most famous tech company in the world, and self-driving cars are expected to  change the world. So expect a lot more hype surrounding Project Titan in the future.

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