Apple Stock News: How Should Investors Think About Apple’s Acquisition Speculation?

Apple Stock News

Apple Stock News

Many investors alert about the new projects that AAPL might take part of. People are taking about acquisitions that the giant tech company might make in the next year. Which one will be the first?. daniel Ives talked about this.

Wall Street was very confident that Apple was planning to buy a company very soon and suggested GoPro as a high prospect. This made camera company stock price rise 10%. the question how serious should investors take speculations.

Dylan Lewis said: “You look at Apple’s cash hoard of $200 billion, you know like the $200 billion plus the off-sided number, it just invites this kind of speculation. I think at a certain point analysts get bored and they just want to have fun fantasizing about what this company might do. Maybe they’ll acquire some small players here and there. I don’t see any of these four companies being acquired by Apple anytime soon.

With the amount of money they have the might acquire a small cap company in the next year but it will not be a big player even though the have the cash to do so. The bad part is how stock prices move only with speculation with should not really happen.

This is what Lewis had to say: “Yeah and it’s I think in a lot of ways, it’s kind of unfortunate that stocks moved this much in this kind of news. Because to me it’s nothing more than speculation. And I think that’s something that’s important for investors to keep in mind.”

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