Apple Stock News: Reviews For the iPad Pro Are In

Apple Stock News 

The Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad pro went on sale last Wednesday, here is what different reviewers had to say about it.

apple stock news

Patrick Moorhead from Forbes applauded the audio experience as a result of the four built in speakers, and was extremely satisfied with the performance and power. Another huge plus for Moorhead was the split view feature, which allowed him to fully appreciate the large display. He found the Smart Keyboard very easy to type on, and with a response rate superior to Bluetooth. With the Apple Pen, Moorhead was pleased that there was no latency. He does not see it as a reasonable replacement for a Mac or a PC, but he says that those who love their iPads and are looking to do more will be attracted to it.

Lauren Goode from The Verge, starts by commenting on how pricey it is, between $799 and $1,079, but she believed that the build justifies the price. She described the 2732 x 2048 resolution display as stunning, however, she was disappointed that the pro did not include 3D technology. She was “wowed” by the sound. She mentioned all the creative capabilities that the iPad Pro allowed through apps such as Paper, Adobe Comp and Photoshop Fix. She found the Pencil to be incredibly fun and was impressed by how precise it wrote. She found the keys on the Smart Keyboard to be rough, and was disappointed by the fact that it was not backlit and could not control volume, she was also not pleased with the $169 price tag. She does not believe that the iPad pro can replace a laptop but she appreciates it as “a worthy runner-up to a laptop”.

Joanna Stern from the New York Times explains that the iPad Pro can function as a go-to computer. She explains that the Pro does things far better than the competition, and that with the large screen; it is possible to manage multiple apps, allowing her to be more productive. She was incredibly impressed with the A9X processor, which she claims exported 4K video a minute and half faster than her 8GB MacBook Air. Stern fell in love with the feel of the bouncy fabric keys of the Smart Keyboard, and was also pleased by the fact that it was spill-proof. She considered the Apple Pencil enabled gave her “the best digital writing and sketching experience I’ve ever had on a tablet.” She was incredibly impressed by the new apps, saying that they made her realize she has “been living in the past.”

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